Just Move Records _ Away EP

AWAY EP, Just Move Records

“Away EP” is the 7th release from Just Move Records and third for the year, a great collaboration between Nuno Estevez and Tonic HD.

The EP includes 2 remixes of Away by our young dynamic Thorne Miller and Deep Site Recordings label owner – Funtom (Croatia)

Take a listen and get taken Away.  – JMR007

EP Design – Dix

Mastering – Des Grey Mastering

Drops 10th May 2013 – 2 weeks Exclusive to Beatport

My world is getting crowded. I need to get away, from here, from now, from tomorrow, from today. I want to be alone in my thoughts. No noise.

Not a passing car, not a voice carrying through the air, not a plane overhead. Just me and the music.

I want to feel the euphonic melody flowing through my ears and into my head, unknotting the strands of thoughts in my mind that became tangled by the clatter of my surroundings.

In this moment, with the music seeping into my very bones, my heartbeat slows to the rhythm, as I close my eyes, shutting out the world around me.

In this pure moment, I am free..

 Just Move Records

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