Josie Field – S’bongile


Based in Johannesburg, Josie Field has released her forth  full length album entitled S’bongile, an all out acoustic offering of new and reworked material from her career thus far. According to her website – S’bongile is an interlude to her upcoming album which was spurred on by the industry’s demand for some unplugged Josie Field. This talented singer songwriter and multiple award nominee has taken the South African music scene by the horns and making some waves with her sound. S’bongile is a 13 track album including what Josie describes as a bonus track called “Seasick”.


In my opinion S’bongile is an easy to listen to compilation boasting a very calm, emotional and occasionally dark sound. Couple this with her natural Country / Jazzy sound and you have music that can be played all day long. Having tracks playlisted on all the major radio stations around the country, this young star is destined for great things.

What sets Josie Field apart from the pack is her ability to challenge the norm of what we would today call something like folk-pop music by expressing her individuality and creativity, One of the major notable aspects of this is noticeable in tracks like “Shape Of My Heart” and her guitar fronted track “Hey Man”.

Are we dealing with a South African “Florence and the Machine” or something that “Adele” wishes she could be? You decide!

Overall, S’bongile will be a great fit in your “chilled out” playlist. Go get it right here!

01. Everything is as it Should Be
02. Hey Man
03. Rolling with the Punches
04. 10 Years
05. Shape of my Heart
06. Only a Dog
07. Every Now & Then
08. Soul Searching
09. The Little Things in Life
10. Beating Heart
11. Angel in Disguise
12. Goodbye
13. Seasick


photo credit: Maxwell Lehr

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