Jack Parow – Is in two places at once


Even though Jack Parow is doing his thing in Holland and Germany with Bittereinder and Van Coke Kartel, back home his legacy is well taken care of, Take a look at what the man is doing besides making insane Afrikaans rap music. 

Jack Parow – Hier kom nou kak

In association with Dojo 115, Watkykjy, Cactus Jack, Puma, Ray-ban and Rolling Stone, Jack has been immortalized in a next level comic series called “Hier kom nou kak” illustrated by Nanna Venter. In Hier kom nou kak Jack Parow has traveled through time to the year 2213 where his is no longer a local rap God but instead he is living the life of a scumbag who is unable to get a job or do anything else to impress his father. Last week Friday saw the release of volume 2 and you can check it out here!

jp_cap1Jack Parow signature caps – Many have tried and all have failed, however these get the stamp of approval! Jack and the Greek Merchant have released a range of Jack Parow’s signature extra long caps and other “Parow-phernalia”. These ridiculously cool items are all available online from http://www.thegreekmerchant.com

To the future – In other news regarding Mr Parow, it has been said that in July he will be releasing the kiefest LIVE DVD South Africa has ever seen, this will bring you so close to Jack Parow that you will be able to smell his sweat!

“I can’t wait for you kief people to see it!” – Jack Parow


BabalasIn the spirit of giving back, Jack Parow has got his hands dirty with MuzikTree which is a branch of EarthCall who are a non-profit organization selling music to help raise funds for impoverished people and Jack is totally cool with this vibe. Click here to see how Jack Parow got his hands dirty for the cause.

Last but not least, the guy is a freaken movie star! as if you haven’t had your mind blown already check out this trailer for BABALAS which will be hitting theaters on the 2nd of August 2013


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