ISO super amped for Arcade Empire

ISO-Sean-Brand Photography

We caught up with Alex Parker, keyboardist and back vocalist from ISO, about their event this Friday at Arcade Empire. This is what he had to say…

  • Why the name change from Isocronous to ISO, and how have people taken to the change??

We wanted to make our band more accessible while still maintaining our core identity. So far it has worked very well, because it has allowed new fans to remember the band far easier!

  • Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background?

We started way back in 2006 as a progressive rock band, basically teenagers just out of school. We began touring as much as possible and within a few years had toured overseas and played at every major festival in SA. Our sound also progressed as we matured and here we are today with our own brand of epic stadium pop/rock.

ISO-Sean-Brand Photography

  • Who are your musical influences?

All music that evokes emotion and the musicians that make that music. From Muse to NIN to Bobby McFerrin to Miike Snow to DeadMau5 to Hans Zimmer…the list goes on.

  • You have been performing countrywide and even abroad, do you enjoy coming back to jam at Arcade Empire?

It’s always the best to jam in our home town. The crowd is always the best and the atmosphere is contagious. We love it!

  • The local music industry is evolving/improving so fast, what has you most excited about it?

Digital releases and how that will change the landscape in South Africa.


  •  To date, what has been your most memorable moment as a band?

Definitely opening for a German Superstar at the O2 Arena in Berlin in 2010 in front of 11000 people.

  • Are you working on any projects that we might be interested in?

Richard plays in The Queen Experience with Joseph Clarke, Marko is a producer/Dj under the pseudonym Pullpit, Franco is completing his own bass album and I am part of various side projects including Dear Reader and Tumi. I was also selected as part of the Superband alongside Van Coke Cartel at this years MK Awards.


  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

World domination.

  • Where can people follow you?

Twitter: @ISOband


The amazing photo shoot of ISO with the aircrafts was by the talented Sean Brand 

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