ISO Release Their New EP – PASSAGES

ISO Release Their New EP - PASSAGES

This  month of  March sees the release of a brand new EP by ISO, entitled PASSAGES. ISO released the first single from the EP, Never Going Back, in February.

PASSAGES is their latest release, coming after four full length studio albums, the last one Piece by Piece released in 2012 to critical acclaim. The band decided on an EP this time around, because they wanted to give people something which is easier to consume.

“There’s so much new music and new sounds nowadays, that we felt we’d rather focus on making a few songs sound great.”

ISO Release Their New EP - PASSAGES
Peach van Pletzen at Sleeproom Studios in Pretoria recorded this EP, over a period of four weeks in 2013.

“We wanted to experiment with Peach and try see what we could come up with as a collective. Having seen how much pressure the mixing process puts on the band members, we decided to let go a little and discover new paths.” says Brokensha seeing as the band produced most of their previous albums themselves.

The EP was called PASSAGES because it refers to passages in time. It’s a metaphor for a certain path a person takes that changes the direction of their life. When writing the lyrics, they thought about major things in my life that made you remember a time or place with a great sense of nostalgia. Nostalgia plays a big part in this record and the title passages portrayed that in a strong visual sense.

ISO Release Their New EP - PASSAGES

Known to reinvent themselves with every new offering, the band weaved genres together on the new EP – something which allows them to continue to grow and develop as musicians.

The EP contains 5 brand new songs from ISO. The first two songs are brothers and the next two are sisters. The brothers have a space rock sound following on from our previous record. The sisters have an entirely different approach where the fundamental instruments in the band are re-imagined in a modern context. The drums especially change dramatically over the course of the EP, changing and morphing as the record progresses. The final song lays Brokensha’s voice bare. His voice can be vulnerable and delicate, and the band wanted to showcase this.

ISO Release Their New EP - PASSAGES

PASSAGES Track Listing:

  1. Never Going Back
  2. Give Me Something To Believe In
  3. The Place That I Know
  4. Signs
  5. Not Afraid

Buy PASSAGES by ISO here on iTunes:


PASSAGES will also be available at all launch shows and all major retail outlets.

Watch the video for NEVER GOING BACK here!

PASSAGES EP Launch Tour Dates:

22 March 2014 – Blue Moon, Nelspruit
27 March 2014 – Hard Rock Cafe, Johannesburg
4 April 2014 – The Assembly, Cape Town
5 April 2014 – Aandklas, Stellenbosch
12 April 2014 – Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein
19 April 2014 – Splashy Fen Festival, Underberg
23 April 2014 – Secret Show, Cape Town
3 May 2014 – Arcade Empire, Pretoria

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