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Irmaos-de-deusIrmaos De Deus, the name on all house lovers lips right now!! These two young gentlemen got people all excited with their “Anti Shazam Mix” on Soundcloud, with some of the freshest deep house jams you will find! Since then they have been like a house music induced thunderstorm, taking out everything in their path!! Getting sponsored by Supremebeing, signing to Just Music and mixing the Ministry Of Sound LIVE in South Africa album which will be released on iTunes very soon! These guys just popped onto the scene and are already making some serious noise….check out this interview we did with them:

Irmaos De Deus


MA: Hey there guys, Tell us a little bit about yourselves and please introduce us to the team? 

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. We started our journey together in 2013, where we found that our passion for the deep house scene had captured us within the music industry. Our aim from the start was and still is ‘to help South Africa’s Deep house industry, allowing it to become more known.’ Whilst gaining knowledge and experience with our performances in clubs, all over Johannesburg, we have also been able to perfect our performances and have gained further skills in studio at the start of 2013. We have been blessed to be signed up with Just Music and have been sponsored by Supreme Being Clothing. Along our side we have an awesome team, Candice Bremner who manages us, Our PA Rachelle Da Costa, managing our Facebook page Brit Pallotta, as well as an entire team from Just Music and of course we cannot forget our Famalia. 

MA: The name you guys go by is Portuguese for “Brothers Of GOD”, what made you decide on this name? 

Well to be honest, one morning Wilson woke up with the name Irmãos, after being at church the following Sunday. It hit us that we should call ourselves Irmãos De Deus, because of our passion and love we have for God.

MA: The industry of late has been seeing some really awesome deep house DJ’s and events coming to the front, how do you intend to stand out and make an impact in the scene? 

We try bringing live performances to our gigs, from vocals all the way to different instruments. We enjoy getting our crowd involved and hyped up, involving them in the scene of our set. We’ve brought in some European flavour into our set by using the beat pad, producing our own beats with uniqueness and being different from all the others.


MA: What are some of your influences? 

Number 1- GOD, then others such as Pete Oak, Jimpster, Dusky, Julian Gomez, Stimming, Jazz and Fabo to name but a few.

MA: We heard about you guys through a podcast that you released called, “Anti Shazam Mix”. Do you think it is more difficult to stand out as a DJ these days because all the latest tracks can be downloaded by anyone??

Yes it definitely does make it more difficult to stand out as a DJ, the scene is just being loaded with DJ’s lately. We try to stick to our produced beats when we at a gig but at the same time we spend hours and hours on Beatport finding the latest tracks and creating the best track listings. Takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication, if you have no love and passion you won’t feel the music.

MA: In the ever growing local music industry, what has you guys most excited and how do you think your sound suits the open minded nature of people these days? 

The way South Africa has involved all the different styles and getting to be a part of this ever growing local music industry. When we plan our set for a gig we put ourselves in the position of the crowd, we think of what we would like to hear if we were on that dance floor and what is going to touch the soul of everyone out there.

MA: What other project are you guys working on? 

We’ve currently just finished doing the Ministry of Sound live from South Africa album which will be released on ITunes soon. We working on the Toolroom album for 2014, and next year we will be releasing Our very own album.


MA: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? 

We choose to stay humble and leave it in God’s hands, whatever happens will be His will.

MA: Where can people follow you guys? 

We can be followed through:

Facebook page- Irmaos De Deus 

Twitter- @irmaos_de_deus 


MA: Lastly, is there any festival in the world you would love to play at one day? 

Locally at H2O, and Tomorrow World 2015

Internationally at Tomorrowland, Ultrafest and we would love to rock an island in Ibiza.



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