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There was this one occasion when a friend of mine came to hand me a “mixtape” which was given to him by Uzi K, The friend told me that I will really like this guy’s sound so I gladly took the mixtape and gave it a listen. Until this day I have probably re-listened to that specific mix 40 or maybe even 50 times. The creator of this mix pushed all the right buttons and I loved it! The mix was entitled “The First Assassination“, perhaps because he knew that he was absolutely killing it!!

Uzi K is Pretoria based Deep House DJ who is taking strides within his community to elevate the deep scene to where it deserves to be, He and his mates are doing so one vinyl or CDJ at a time! Big Ups to these guys doing their thing and filling peoples hearts with soulful tunes and leaving the dance floor a mess! You will definitely be seeing seeing this gent do his thing at upcoming Mixed Apples events

Uzi K was kind enough to wax up an exclusive mix for Mixed Apples to accompany his interview, give it a listen here!!

We Had a chance to get to know Uzi K a little better via this interview. this is how it went down..

MA: Hi There Uzi K, thanks for your time. Please tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you got into being such a smooth DJ?

Im a simple, humble and passionate person in general. Mid Twenties and a guy who is just too much inlove with music. Started djing in 2004 and turned into a serious hustle in 2007. Started of with PC programs then got bitten by the vinyl bug then the industry forced us to go digital. Im all about bringing untouched music to the masses and connecting with ppl through the art of music via djing and playing this beautiful genre of deep house.

MA: I love listening to your mixes, it goes without saying that your sound is DEEP, but how else would you describe your sound?

My sound well is a bit hard to describe but id like to say i’m all about the baseline and dub vocals. I enjoy deep house that journeys into ones imagination without a destination. A track that possesses a simple clean and catchy baseline and/or vocals that are cleanly done and message based than that’s my kinda jam.

MA:Where do you find inspiration when putting together a set, Is it an emotional experience for you?

Every time I go out to play to the masses I have tracks that I prepare of that day but not what exactly im gonna play. When I get to the venue I usually analyse and assess the sound and environment mood and then wen I go up to play my emotions take me on this musical journey.So for me anything goes.


MA: If you could play back-to-back with any DJ in the world, who would it be?

locally I would definitely love to play back to back with Thulani the Warrior/ Miggs Foreal and internationally id definitely say AndyCompton/Karizma.

MA: Are you working on any projects at the moment that we might be interested in?

I’m currently working on compiling tracks to my next big feature in an underground mixtape guestmix for POD HEADS podcast due in Oct/Nov 2014. I’m also launching my deephouse movements with my fellow dj and friends name DaMoove and TeamVinylBag.

MA: I see on your facebook that you are working hard to elevate the House scene in your area, please tell us how you are going about this?

I have recently got an opportunity to head a chisa nyama venue in my home town Atteridgeville, which is in Pretoria West, im the resident dj there along with my deephouse movement DaMoove which aims to grow deep house culture in the area as we push DigiNYL (Digital&Vinyl) Sundays where people can come eat braai meat, gourmet dishes and wine/cocktails/spirits with great deep house music and awesome company.

MA: Where can people follow Uzi K?

People can follow me on twitter handle @TshegoUzi_K, facebook: Tshego Uzi K Kondiani, Instagram and Instamessanger: TSHEGO_KONDIANI, podomatic on and my Contact Number: 0733873131

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