Introducing STACHE – mens fashion brand

StacheWe would like to introduce you to our newest brand that we will be teaming up with on the site. I give you Stache, a proudly South African fashion store that deals mainly with mens fashion. They stock some of the freshest SA fashion designers like Sergeant Pepper, Swede & Crowe, Dirty Funka and more, as well as some amazing international brands that i cant mention right now, which they will be stocking from next year!

We have partnered up with this amazing new brand, Stache, offering the latest in mens fashion. We will also be doing something we are calling #StacheLook, which will showcase a different look every week for you to see. With #StacheLook, you will be encouraged to Tweet us your #StacheLook or just your look in general, with the best picture winning themselves some cool prizes from Stache. We will be starting the #StacheLook tomorrow but for now we have this awesome interview for you to read…Get to know Stache!


  • Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of your background on yourself and how STACHE got started?

Well I have been in the industry for about 7 years now and I love fashion.  I started off as a Stock controller for a company called Studio88. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn about fashion retail.  Since then I have worked for companies like Zara and Superdry.  I have always wanted to open a store of my own with a cool concept. And so Stache was born.

  • Whats the idea behind the name and awesome logo?

The idea came up after writing down endless pages on names.  I saw a picture of a really crazy Moustache and came up with Stache.  As for the  logo, I have my friend Ryan from Cool Beans Design to thank for.  The guy is a master.

-Feature done on Cool Beans Design Agency-

  • What inspires you to do what you are doing and how did you find your niche/gap in the fashion industry?

I have always loved fashion and new edgy trends.  Clothing is huge part of my life and being able to help others look and feel good about what they wear is an amazing feeling. South African people are not as conservative as they use to be and are starting to dress in a way that expresses themselves.

Stache Stache Stache Stache

  • What type of person are you targeting with your products?

At stache we have a great range on casual everyday items to very trendy items. Being diffirent is cool.  So we target the trendy fashionable guy with swagg that wants to turn heads.

  • You have a nice little store in Braamfontein, are there any plans of more shops opening in the future?

There most definitely are.  Our Store in Braamfontein has had a great response and people love the clothing and brands we keep.  It would be rude not to share that with everyone els…

  • What are the brands that you stock?

We currently have a number of amazing South African brands. Sergeant Pepper, Swede&Crowe, Dirty Funka and Toe Porn Socks are amazing local brands that are taking the industry by storm, Aswell as Komono Watched and Glasses, Urge footwear, Deacon, St Goliath and Icon Brand. U will find everything from shorts and tees to denim and smart stylish shirts at Stache.

Stache Stache Stache Stache

  • What has you most excited about our local design industry in general and the market?

South African designers are creating such amazing designs.  The stylish trendy ranges are amzing and are definitely up there if not better than all the big international brands.

  • Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time career wise?

We would like to open a few stores around the country. Besides for that we have a few more exciting concepts that we are working on.

  • Where can people follow you guys? 

We current have a facebook page Stache South Africa and u can follow us on Instagram @stachsa and twitter @stacheSA

Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache Stache


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