Introducing – Kartoon tha Art-I-Tech

KartoonKartoon tha Art-I-Tech is not only a talented artist and designer, he also spends a lot of his time promoting the work of other artists through his initiative – Conscious Collective 

Born and raised in South Africa, Kartoon has always been fascinated & attracted to the arts. In the early days Kartoon was constantly inspired by his artistically talented sister.

“Art was my escape and my passion, nobody telling me what to do complete freedom of expression.”

Having only a beginners look into art as a subject at high school, where his talent was clearly evident Kartoon endeavoured to master his style in his own way. Not conforming to any specific set or medium. As the name suggests, The main focus of his passion is spent on being a cartoonist but that does not stop him from producing some incredible sketches and graffiti. Recently Kartoon has started putting together some digital art, and is on what he calls “a path of converting into a digital artist and pursue a career in 3D / Game concept design.” If you were to ask Kartoon what his favorite medium to work with was, this would be his answer:

“I love spray paint on a wall, nothing compares. I am a big fan of pen on paper (the old school way), I also use many programs on pc for the digital art, of which Photoshop and Pixarras twisted brush are my Favorite”

Kartoon has a strong belief that he should give back to art, what it gave to him, he therefore came up with the “Conscious Collective” initiative. Driven by the support of his family and friends whom he says made him what he is today. This is what inspired Kartoon to create a family of artists who come together to share ideas and promote each others work Check Out the Conscious Collective here.

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  1. Jt says:

    Im 100% behind you bro. this here just gave me more reason to be happy with what i do and being happy with myself about it…….. Thanx a Mill Bro….. Keep up the great work of collecting artists who need this……:)

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