[interview]Germany born DJ/Producer ETNIK, cant wait to rock South AFrica!! Catch him at Grietfest 2014 tomorrow!!

ETNIK- Grietfest 2014 - Mixed Apples interview


To complete the amazing interview features we did for the biggest electronic event of the year, GRIETFEST 2014, we bring you Germany born DJ/Producer ETNIK!! He Has just come off a epic USA tour, where he was just on fire. Now heading off to our beautiful country, I hope we can show he what real party animals party like!! Here is the interview we did with this amazing guy… 


ETNIK- Grietfest 2014 - Mixed Apples interview

MA: Hey there, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you!!

 – It’s my pleasure! I’ve just come back from my USA tour and am very excited to play in South Africa for the first time soon.
MA: Before we get started, do you mind introducing yourself, telling us where you are from and giving us a short background on how you got started in music?
– My name is Etnik, I’m a techno producer and dj from Hamburg/Germany. 
I’ve been producing my own music since I was 14, but I released something for the first time four years ago. I have always really liked the engineering part of producing electronic music, that’s what got me started.
MA: Coming from Europe to South Africa for this epic event, you must be excited? What are you expecting from Grietfest 2014 and the beautiful people in SA?
– I feel really blessed to be invited to South Africa and want to thank the awesome guys from Griet making this happen. 
I think, I’ll play some tracks from my upcoming ep, which will be released in fall this year, so this will definitely be something new for the people in South Africa but also for me! We’ll have a lot of fun together!
MA: How would you describe your style of music that you make? Do you try play mainly your own productions at your shows?
–  I think ‘German engineered techno music‘ might describe it best. I’m a perfectionist, I spend hours on perfecting sounds.
But as far as my live-set goes, I like variations. That’s why I include a lot of other artists’ productions in my sets. I want people to dance and have a good time at my shows!
MA: Where do you take inspiration from in your music?
I can draw inspiration from everything, sometimes that is sitting on a park bench for hours, sometimes it’s being in a night club. 
Being on tour, experiencing new countries – like recently in the USA –  but also people, club culture and music really gives me an inspiration boost. 
ETNIK- Grietfest 2014 - Mixed Apples interview
MA: Our local electronic music scene has been growing in leaps over the last few years, with some amazing international acts coming over more frequently. What have you heard from South Africa and our local music scene?
– I’ve heard that people are open minded. And in my opinion that’s the most important thing for me. I’m satisfied when people have a good time and dance their asses off at my shows!
MA: Can you give us a few of your career highlights thus far?
– Warners signing me after my first club set in Hamburg was a big one. But also working internationally with Skrillex’ label OWSLA was and still is a very important experience. I’ve had the chance to work with artists I admire. And of course touring the world is so exciting. I’ve been to Australia, the USA, all over Europe and now South Africa. 
MA: Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?
– I just finished my second EP for OWSLA, which will come out in early fall and it will definitely bring a surprise or two! 
MA: Where can we follow you on social media?
– Everone is more then welcome to check out my pages:
MA: Lastly, do you have any advice for the young producers or DJ’s in the world?
– Only the original remains.


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