[interview] We had online chat with VIMO – Super rad guy with big plans for us!!


Tonight at Arcade Empire, you can catch another NO CURFEW event going down, this time with VIMO headlining it alongside PIMP SQUAD, Sisco Umlambo, Cody Blanc & Ru-B. As it is a public holiday tomorrow, you know Pretoria will be out in full force to attend this one! You also know that with this line-up, you will be dancing your faces off and their might just be loads of tequila flowing!! While you wrap your head around that, you can get amped with this awesome Facebook chat I have with VIMO. Hope you enjoy!!!

Interview: VIMO


MA: Hey Vimo, pleasure to be chatting to you!! Would you mind giving us a short 101 on who VIMO is and how/where you got interested in music? 


Im a deep \ jacking house dj from Johannesburg , Djing started for me while traveling abroad and all started in London in a small record store called Vinyl Junkies in 1998 . In learned to mix in the record as i was mated with the owner. Was a hobie for a while then got full nto it on my return to SA in 1999 . Started out playing commercial clubd in and around Port Elizabeth (where im from) then moved to jhb 7 years ago

MA: Since coming to Johannesburg, you have made a name for yourself for your style of DJ’ing and getting a dance floor cooking!! What would you say have been some of your major influences over the years that keeps your style fresh and always on point?


Well Carl Cox is my hero the reason i am djing today , i also as u say always on a mission to find new music stay fresh and try and be cutting edge in the style i play . I also musically take alotta influences from our local boys they really are world class like Kyle watson , Apollo and Chunda munki for eg .

I would say i play more than half my set of local artists
MA: To hear that from a local artist that is doing so well is super refreshing!! I believe that South Africa has stepped its game up in a HUGE way over the past 4-5 years and its only getting better!!

What are your thoughts of our local scene at the moment & what would you say that we still need to improve in/at?


We have such a ripe scene every weekend there are the best parties , world class internationals are coming like crazy and all the parties are packed , so in my opinion the scene is perfect at the moment .. People are so into and educated with music its really insane

MA: Agree 100% brother!!! We are being watched by the world and many internationals are eager to get down to SA!!! With that being said, do you think the “competition” from all these event promotors is a health situation to be in? I do see that we still have people who see it as direct rivalry, instead of a “Good Situation” for th local scene. What do you have to say to event promotors who seem to concentrate on the negatives instead of the positives?

well clearly the better promotors will stick out and do well and those who have built a name for themselves , there will always be the fly by night guys who think they can just put an event together and they saturate the scene with too many parties and there is a group of us that respect each other and dont go head to head . I say those who concentrate on the negatives dont see the bigger picture cause in jhb the promoters who put the effort in do well

MA: Could not have said it better myself!! Concentrate on your own brand and vision that you wish to achieve and you will get the proper following and respect from the industry!!

Who have been some of the artists that have emerged over the past year or two, that you think a special mention is in order?


Def Chunda Munki , Master Simz , boom brothers doing great things djing and producing

MA: Speaking of production… are you at all involved in studio?

actually im a bit late on this train and actually got into it this year only . Funny enough i just started today with building and buying some equipment for my own home studio so peeps can hear some of my own as soon as i learn enough

I just did a colab with the boys from Pretty filthy and that track is killing floors everywhere so very happy with that

MA: Its never too late my friend!! You have gained the knowledge of what rocks the dance floors and now you can focus your work towards producing tracks that do exactly that!!

So, you will be in Pretoria for NO CURFEW tonight… Are you excited to be in the Capital? And what can Arcade Empire and the PTA folk expect from your set?


I am always have a good time in Pretoria and i love playing at Arcade Empire , peeps can expect the Dirty sound that is as i call it Chutney House

No Curfew-30th April

MA: Nice one, we are very excited!! Are there any other projects that you wish to tell us a bit more about?? Maybe this epic new “VIMO & his ous” production?

Thats a new brand i just started i do have something else in the pipeline that peeps are going to go mad for but unfortunately i release that till its 100% confirmed . I also have my massive 40th bash coming up later this year , but also i dnt like to do too many events as i wanna keep my events special

MA: Nice to hear that we can look forward to a few epic parties later this year!! Thank you for you time VIMO, but before you leave, please tell us where we can follow you on social media, so that we don’t miss a beat??

Thank you for this opportunity

Facebook : VIMO
Twitter @djvimo
Instagram vimobhana
Photo credits: TGC Photography

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