[INTERVIEW] We chat to State Society ahead of their show at Arcade Empire


This Saturday at Arcade Empire yo will get to see the likes of Woodstock Mafia, Man As Machine, Gunslinger and of course State Society. The Pretoria stop of Woodstock Mafia’s FULL TILT tour will be hitting Arcade with some serious fire this Saturday! More about that HERE. On the line-up for the evening is State Society, these guys are a relatively new outfit on scene but they have pretty much everything it takes to make some serious waves.  Of late, State Society has been receiving national radio air play and have also been performing alongside some of the greatest acts in our country!

 “State Society has broken the stigma of today’s repetitive commercial/poprock genre. Remaining true to the set objective of their project, the band has created ‘easy listening positive music’ for their fans.”

We had the opportunity to chat to State Society, This is how it went down…

MA: Please tell us a little bit more about the band and how you got to where you are today.

Thanks for chatting with us, man! Well, we as State Society are four burly men who enjoy performing for anyone who comes out to watch us. The band has been going for just over three years when Cliff and Petri started it. Over these three years, we have found our direction and musical focus and strive to write music that has longevity and that people will simply enjoy.

MA: Your music is easy to listen to and has a feel good vibe to it, where do you look for inspiration when it comes to making new music?

Yeah, that’s the message we want to convey. Feel good positive music leaving the audience wanting more. We basically look at our everyday lives and draw inspiration from that. We want to write about real things that make people want to get out of bed in the morning. There is so much negativity in this world and we want to bring a spark of positive vibes to people who listen to us or check us out live.

MA: To date, what has been your most memorable moment as State Society?

The band did a club tour in 2012 through to 2013 playing over 100 shows in South Africa. This was when the band knew they had something great on their hands and now we are looking at stepping it up to the next level.

MA: You have recently released your debut album “This Life”, how has this been received and how long did it take for you guys put it all together?

The response to ‘This Life’ has been awesome! So many fans from around the world have been downloading it on iTunes and other leading outlets and we feel blessed that people enjoy our music. The album took a few months and Cliff, the frontman, basically walked into studio and laid down the tracks with Petri and ‘This Life’ was this born.


MA: I personally have never seen you guys perform, What can we expect from your performance at Arcade Empire this weekend?

An entertaining and rocking show that we hope people will enjoy. We are ourselves on stage and there are no egos as audiences nowadays can pick up on that immediately. We don’t see ourselves above anyone on stage because if it wasn’t for the fans coming out to watch us and other bands, there would be no scene at all. This is also our first time at Arcade Empire so we all pretty damn excited to be jamming in the best venue in South Africa alongside Woodstock Mafia, Man As Machine and Gunslinger. We are huge fans of these bands so it’s an honour to share the stage with them this coming Saturday.

MA: Are you guys busy working on any projects that we might be interested in?

We have recorded and released our new single ‘Dance’ and we have also just finished the follow up single ‘Beautiful Day’. They were both recorded at Anti-Motion Studios with the awesome David Grevler so we are stoked with the end results.

MA: Where can fans keep up with all things STATE SOCIETY?

Well obviously there is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as our Sound Cloud where people can connect and speak with us. Below are the links:
Sound Cloud

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