[INTERVIEW] We chat to Savage Lucy, Instrumental band from JHB


Some of the greatest pieces of music ever made are purely instrumental, there is something about the way music without an identifiable human sound touches your soul and interacts with your imagination. Something likened to a “blank cheque” where you can fill in the gaps and have your unique interpretation. Then there is a band hailing from the city of gold – Savage Lucy, a trio of extremely talented individuals who have been toying with imaginations and hearts for the better part of 4 years. Having just released their full length album titled “Reverie” we decided that we need to have a chat with these guys and find out more about the band and the album.

Let’s get to know more about the faces behind the soundtrack..

MA: Hi guys, thanks for your time, Please could you introduce us to the band

Austen Ramsay Lewis – Guitar

Steven Bosman – Drums

Richard Becker – Bass

MA: I have a fascination with instrumental bands and how they operate, what is the motive behind your choice to go this route?

It wasn’t such a conscious decision to be an ‘instrumental’ band. We are three people who enjoy making music together, and it so happens that none of us really want to sing, or care too much about having lyrics in the mix. Put it this way – we’re not necessarily adverse to having a vocalist in there, but they would have to be comfortable shutting up most of the time, and the rest of the time making sure they harmonised sweetly with the rest of us.

MA: You have recently released your second album “Reverie”, Please tell us a little more about this album

It was recorded in July 2014. Released in July 2015. Recorded at Colour Studios, Midrand. Mixed and mastered by Chris Brink. Let’s just call it a learning curve shall we? A lot of the guitars had to be re-recorded because Chris needed extra layers for rhythm, and my initial bass was terrible so I re-recorded pretty much the whole album at home on a different bass. Chris has a great ear though, and I’ve received nothing but compliments on the sound quality. Most of the tracks were written prior, but two if the tracks (Mid-Reverie and Cockfight) were new to Steve and Austen. They managed easily enough though. I created the album art. I pictured the daydream the three of us might have while having a jam.

MA: When it comes to making music, where do you look for inspiration?

Speaking for myself, I don’t really look anywhere for inspiration. Inspiration comes to me or it doesn’t. The music I have listened to over the years has definitely moulded my taste and what I lean toward creating.Top 3 bands that have affected me greatly Mogwai, GYBE, 65daysofstatic.

MA: Savage Lucy was formed in 2011, to date, what has been your most memorable moment as a band?

One moment? Hmmm… The moment Steve committed himself (to the band!)

MA: If there were a scenario where you had to choose one person (dead or alive) to lay vocals over one of your tracks, who would that person be?

Jessica Liebenberg (my lady hehe)


MA: Are you guys working on any projects you would like to share with us?

Project Pay The Bills. It’s not exciting, but it pays the bills.

MA: Where can people follow you?


twitter @savagelucysa


image credit: Marianne Brits Strodl

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