[interview] We chat to COELACANTH… Catch them at Park Acoustics this Sunday.

[interview] We chat to COELACANTH... Catch them at Park Acoustics this Sunday.

We absolutely love that we are always asked to get involved with a few interviews for Park Acoustics each month. It gives us a chance to meet some rad musicians, where we can do a small feature on them. This month we had the opportunity to chat to COELACANTH, which is a 3-piece band from Gauteng. Here is a small description about them:

A collaboration between 3 seasoned songwriters with one common goal in mind –stick to the roots. With more than 30 years accumulate experience on the South African music circuit Gareth Wilson (SGQ), Jaco Mans (Tidal Waves, Die See) and Andre Kriel (The Black Cat Bones) have tapped into their sonic archives to produce an acoustic sound that is best described as authentic and honest ‘outlaw-folk’ music. Gospel-like vocal harmonies paired with weaving acoustic guitars and a solid backbone stomp makes for a show that will have you longing for home, even if you are still living with your mamma. 

here is the short interview that we had with them… please do share with your friends:



[interview] We chat to COELACANTH... Catch them at Park Acoustics this Sunday.

MA: Hey gents… How you doing? It is such a pleasure to be chatting to you….

Gareth: I have just recovered from a childishly boozy easter weekend so by comparison I now feel like a cheetah on cocaine.

MA: Please would you introduce the band members to us, tell us where in SA do you come from and how you each got started in the music scene?

Gareth: My name is Gareth and I come from Molteno in the Eastern Cape but have been living in Jozi for a good 12 years. I got into music with my brother and we started a band called Southern Gypsey Queen and it all kind of snowballed from there and now.

Jaco: Jaco Mans Guitar from Potchefstroom, got started plying for Duck And Cover and Tidal Waves back in the day.

MA: Each of you have come from many years in various other bands. Can you please give us a short background on this and tell us why you came together to form Coelacanth?

Gareth: We have all been playing alongside each others bands for so many years and always threatened to do something together so one day we finally did. The rest has been lots of jams and good times together.

Jaco: I’ve played for various bands as session guitarist, the biggest being, Ziggy Marley, Bok Van Blerk and Tidal Waves, still doing session work for many different artists, but I’ve settled in with Die See, Ultra Natives and Coelacanth.

[interview] We chat to COELACANTH... Catch them at Park Acoustics this Sunday.

MA: What are some of the influences in the band’s sound?

Gareth: I listen to so many different genres of music and hopefully they all filter through in what I write but what I have had spinning in my car for the last two months is Run the jewels, BadBadNotGood and Laurie Levine and Josie Fields new Tigerlilly album. Last year my two favourite albums had to be Riky Rick’s FAmily Values and Gerald Clarkes Golden goose album. So as you can see I play in a outlaw folk band but definitely dont listen to the genre exclusively.

Jaco: Mostly I play solos and licks in Coelacanth so a take a lot of inspiration from other folk and country guitarists, like Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton.

MA: What are your thoughts on the current local music scene in SA? 

Gareth: Rock n roll has been in a lull for a while but there are some great new acts like Black Math and Stoker who are proving that the next generation is out there and coming at us hard. As for the rest the scene really is flourishing, hip hop for example is at an all time high in SA.

MA: Any bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

Gareth: Urban Village, Chambers,  BCUC, Art Snakes, Bombshelter Beast are all doing some really exiting stuff at the moment. Maybe Andre can let us in on the Black Cat Bones release which happens this year. Also Albert Frosts new album comes out this month and it is terrifyingly good.

Jaco: Piet Botha, Gerald Clark and Valiant Swart recently released albums, at Mieliepop I saw some great new acts like Art Snakes and Black Math.

MA: How would you describe your ‘sound’ in 5 words?

Jaco: Gangster Country Outlaw Folk Blues.

MA: You guys are playing at Park Acoustics this month. Are you excited for this gig? What can we expect from your live performance?

Garteh: 3 okes strapped to guitars having the best of times.

MA: Anything else that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

Gareth: Myself and Jamie from Naming James have been working on some very cheeky little numbers and I have also just started writing with a new Jozi based rock n roll band called Steel City Saints. Both projects are still very early stages.


Well there you have it folks… Get down to Park Acoustics this Sunday to watch them live, alongside Gangs Of Ballet, Thieve, Guy Buttery, Pop Art live & more… Get you tickets now at:


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