[interview] Wandile Mbambeni – Singer / Songwriter / Producer

[interview] Wandile Mbambeni - Singer / Songwriter / Producer. Photo Credits: Marlon Du Plooy

Photo Credits: Marlon Du Plooy

With so much going on, we almost forgot that we had the privilege of chatting to talented local singer / songwriter / producer Wandile Mbambeni. Lets get to know this gent a bit better:


WANDILE MBAMBENI is an up-and-coming Cape Town based singer/songwriter/producer who is blowing the minds of people each and every time he gets on stage. He has already shared a stagewith the likes of Matthew Mole, Michael Lowman, Howie Combrink, Shortstraw, Prime Circle, Tailor,Majozi, Red Tape Riot, Veranda Panda, Watershed, Al Bairre, Karen Zoid and Francois Van Coke just to name a few.

Wandile graces the stage alone or with his new band whilst his story-telling of the songs he writescreates a deep listening atmosphere. With a unique stage presence, Wandile has the ability to make you feel like something special is happening through his music.

[interview] Wandile Mbambeni - Singer / Songwriter / Producer. Photo Credits: Marlon Du PlooyPhoto Credits: Marlon Du Plooy

He released his first EP ‘HomeGrown’ independently and then found himself in Germany for a tour of 35 days for the EP. Wandile took Germany by storm, playing a number of sold out shows.

”The Germans appreciated my music more than I did, which made me appreciate my musicmore than anyone else.” – Wandile.

Wandile then released his debut album ‘Good Intentions’, which has made many people believe in his music. Good Intentions soon went on to be play listed on a number of smaller radio stations.

Wandile is a big dreamer and aims to take his music straight to the top and has no aim to lookback. Wandile joins the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi, Stimela, LadySmith Black Mambazo, Mahotella Queens, Simphiwe Dana, Passenger and many more recently being signing with the oldest & biggest major independent label in South Africa Gallo Record Company.

7th April 2017 saw Wandile’s latest offering “Maturation EP” now available on all digital platforms. Get it now !


Interview: Wandile Mbambeni
[interview] Wandile Mbambeni - Singer / Songwriter / Producer. Photo Credits: Marlon Du Plooy
Photo Credits: Marlon Du Plooy

MA: Hey WANDILE, how do you do? Its a huge pleasure to be chatting to you.

 The pleasure is mine. 

MA: Can we please get started with a short 101 on who WANDILE MBAMBENI is? Where in SA are you from?

– I’m a singer/songwriter/producer. I was born in Umthatha Transkei and grew up in East London.

MA: Was music always an influence in your lives growing up? Was it a big part of your upbringing?

– Sport played the biggest role in my upbringing. Music came onto the scene at a later stage.

MA: What are your musical influences, that gave birth to the “sound” that you push?

– African Musicians are the biggest influences, Oliver Mtukudzi particularly. International influences such as Erykah Badu, J Dilla, D’Angelo, John Legend, Alicia Keys etc

MA: You have just released your latest EP entitled Maturation. What can you tell us about this EP?

– It’s an EP with a lot of feels. 

MA: Are there any notable collaborations on this album that you wish to talk about?

– No Collabo


[interview] Wandile Mbambeni - Singer / Songwriter / Producer. Photo Credits: Marlon Du Plooy
Photo Credits: Marlon Du Plooy

MA: Where can people get a copy of your latest EP?

– Physical copies will be out soon. The EP is available on all digital platforms here smarturl.it/MaturationEP

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment?

– It’s growing rapidly, it’s exciting. We are finding more ways to commercialize the underground sound.

MA: Is there anything else that you are currently working on that you wish to tell us about?

– Expect some Maturation EP Visuals soon.

MA: Where do we follow you on social media?

Twitter : @WandileMusic
Instagram : @wandilembambenimusicza
Facebook Page : Wandile Mbambeni Music ZA

MA: Thank you for your time.

Thank you 🙂 

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