[interview] Ursus & Wolf – Rap duo from Cape Town, leaving their paw print on the SA music scene!!

[interview] Ursus & Wolf - Rap duo from Cape Town, leaving their paw print on the SA music scene!!

The super space midnight animals. Masters of the hidden paw and quickening jaw. Doing something different. Change is natural.

Ursus & Wolf

Mr Bojangles – Born into a traveling circus, the young cub learned to perform and master music by playing guitar hero for hours while his owner slept. In the ring the bear was pushed to play a drum kit while dolphins were forced to sing show tunes off key. Dolphins are highly intelligent and as a rule protested to being used as simple show girls. After meeting Nighteyes – when he was captured and sent to perform in dimlit pubs in the deep south with the Cruel and Unusual circus – the two escaped and made Ursus & Wolf, to liberate the animals of our mind.

Nighteyes – the wolf with quick jaws. His pack were the starwolves, who ran in midnight places and needed no names.
Hunted and notorious the pack became more reclusive and distant, until Nighteyes fell and was lost in the dark places.
He was caught and named, after the colour of his eyes which saw galaxies and stars. His liberator was Mr Bojangles the musical bear, found in the Cruel and Unusual circus who created the harmony in which to howl to the minds of others and reflect the lives of others. When the escape was afoot, Mr Bojangles
and Nighteyes were seperated in a storm. So now through waves of technology the two create music from across the world.

We are all animals. And in an world like a zoo, we are released by the music we make and thoughts we create. Music that tries to be Good, from a crazy wolf and an brilliant bear.

Take a look at this short interview we did with this amazing Cape Town duo, who are onto something special with Ursus & Wolf:

Interview: Ursus & Wolf

[interview] Ursus & Wolf - Rap duo from Cape Town, leaving their paw print on the SA music scene!!

Hi guys… it is such a pleasure to be featuring you guys on the site!! Is everyone doing well today?

We are doing terrific. It’s been a great start to the week despite all the crazy things happening in the world!

Before we get started, can you please introduce us to the members of URSUS & WOLF?

It’s actually just the two of us, Justin Olney and Nicholas Trethowan, but we feature loads of different artists under different animal-inspired characters. Justin is Ursus, Nick is Wolf, plus an iguana, and treefrog and a lion.

Can you give us a short background on URSUS & WOLF, how you got started and where does the name come from?

We have been friends since we started high school together. We started playing music at coffee shops around Cape Town, singing Nirvana and Muse cover songs. Bear and wolf were the nicknames we gave each other, it kind of made sense to call ourselves what we always have but some Swedish cats laid claim to Bear&Wolf so we thought out of the box for something that would be original yet still encapsulating all that we are: just two friends making music. Justin then had to move to Singapore when we matriculated but we had been making music for so long together that we couldn’t stop despite the distance. So now we communicate from thousands of miles apart.

Where do you guys take inspiration from in your “sound”?

Everywhere. I think it’s hard to attribute inspiration with music because absolutely everything can play a factor in our sound. From James Brown to Rage Against The Machine, Mos Def to KillSwitchEngage, KRS1 to Maxnormal, classical to swing and soul, Rock to Indie, we have an incredibly eclectic taste in music, all of which contributes to the sound we want to achieve. Plus which with so many things happening in the world, we use a lot of events and things that are happening to try make a point or influence something a bit different than just the generic “roll into the club” hip hop people become associated with.

What are your thought of the Rap/Hip-Hop scene in South Africa? Is it on the rise or still an underground movement?

To be honest there are some really great guys in the scene that we have a lot of respect for: Mike Zietsman from PHFat, Luc Vermeer from Christian Tiger School and Motheo Moleko to name some. But ultimately the scene is made into a bit of a joke thanks to AKA and Casper Nyovest. This whole “who is a bigger gangster” was cool in the 90’s but no one cares who’s beefing with who anymore, it’s really about the quality of the music, which to be honest isn’t that good. Having said that, the growth in the past couple of years of OkMalumKoolKat, Jack Parow, RikyRick and Spoek Mathambo are paving ways for different kind of hiphop styles that will hopefully encourage more and more artists to try make their style work,

You contacted us with regards to featuring you latest single, FLOATING MIRROR…. We gave this track a listen and its Hott!! Do you guys have more in store for us in the near future or EP plans??

We have so much in the works, it’s really exciting! We are currently working on our EP and have finished the majority of the songs on it and plan to release in the beginning of January. We have some incredible designs and people helping us work on it.

Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Two! The incredible Angela Weickl/ SideShow, for her tireless effort to contributing positively to the music scene and Gourmet, a new artist who’s work is amazing and completely different.

Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?  

 We’ve got some really cool remixes coming from some artists we really respect, hopefully it will be quite different and fresh. AND The EP release party, we are going to be releasing in Cape Town then hopefully making our way to gig in Joburg in Jan/Feb. A lot of it is up in the air, but follow us for more information on our sites!

Where can we follow you on Social media? 

Our Facebook, Soundcloud, our website, or Instagram!

Thanks for your time guys…!!

And thank you for the rad work! Hopefully we’ll be in up in Joburg soon. And remember, Save the Bee’s!


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