[Interview] TIMO ODV – The amazing talent behind the HIT song “Save Me” feat. Sarah Jackson

[Interview] TIMO ODV - The amazing talent behind the HIT song "Save Me" feat. Sarah Jackson

TiMO ODV is a singer/songwriter/producer/DJ who has blown up on our local charts, mainly for his HIT Single Save Me feat Sarah Jackson, which has bit #1 spots on various radio stations and has become a huge hit on the dance floors. With an energetic music video hypnotising viewers around the country, Save Me has undoubtedly become the song that more than a few fans are calling the soundtrack of their Autumn.

A prolific producer, TiMO recently created an awesome Mashup of Kieza’s ‘Hideaway’, Mr Probz ‘Waves’ and Mojdo’s ‘Lady’ – https://goo.gl/dRbg3M.

Starting from unassuming beginnings, singer/songwriter/producer TiMO ODV says “I just woke up one day and decided that I wanted to be a music producer even though I knew pretty much nothing about music or music production.” Having worked through a variety of sounds, TiMO has settled on a deeper, pop enshrined sound that allows him to seamlessly blend a variety of different elements and textures; a combination that is clearing striking a chord with South Africans.

Interview: TiMO ODV

[Interview] TIMO ODV - The amazing talent behind the HIT song "Save Me" feat. Sarah Jackson

MA: Hi TIMO, are you doing well?? Its very nice to be chatting to you!! Would you mind giving us a short background on how you got started in music? Was music an ever present influence for you growing up? 

I had always wondered about music production, but I always felt it was a “mystical art” inaccessible to anyone who might not have grown up with musical talent so on day I just decided I would shoot for the stars and try it.

Music was an ever present influence for me growing up isn’t it for us all?

MA: What were some of your major influences growing up? 

Growing up 75% of my musical diet was hip hop/Rnb like Jagged Edge, 2pac, Dr Dre, Jedi Mind Tricks

MA: All your social platforms describe you as “Singer / Songwriter / DJ / Producer”…. Would you say that is an accurate account of who you are? Primarily a Singer / Songwriter, who also produces and DJ’s?

I’d actually have to say Producer/Songwriter/Singer/DJ

MA: What are your thought of our local music scene at the moment? 

It’s growing, quality is slowly but surely getting there I think in 3-5 years we should start seeing more of our artists breakthrough internationally.

MA: Any changes or improvements that you think still needs to happen, for us to become an even greater force on the international music scene? 

Yeah, I think SA definitely lacks songwriters and producers who are good at music as a whole and not just one genre. South Africans don’t have music education at school and it doesn’t play such a huge role in our lives as it does overseas where you have to learn to play an instrument in high school etc.

[Interview] TIMO ODV - The amazing talent behind the HIT song "Save Me" feat. Sarah Jackson

MA: You have instantly made  a name for yourself with the incredible track “SAVE ME” feat. Sarah Jackson, which is hitting great heights on most radio stations all over the country!!  I am a huge fan of the track myself!!! Has it been a long and testing road to where you find yourself now, or can you say that you have become an overnight success?? 

Most definitely a long hard road filled with so many sacrifices, risks, tears and bloodshed.  

MA: Do you have a follow up single or EP that we can look forward to? 

Follow up single, hopefully it’ll be done by end of June 2015 ha ha ha

MA: Anything else that you are currently working on that we might be interested in hearing about? 

I’m helping produce the next Mathew Gold single, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?

Facebook: TIMO ODV
Insta/Twitter: @timoodv
Soundcloud: TiMO ODV

MA: Thank you for your time, we really looking forward to following your work in the coming months!!

Thank you!!

TiMO ODV feat Sarah Jackson – SAVE ME

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