[interview] The Swing Party Band – Catch them at LETS SWING IT – FAMILY PICNIC // 9th April

[interview] The Swing Party Band - Catch them at LETS SWING IT - FAMILY PICNIC // 9th April

The Swing Party Band is a must have attraction to the LET’S SWING IT – FAMILY PICNIC, taking part this coming Saturday, 9th April. They will surely be getting you in the swing mood, getting asses of their chairs and dancing. We caught up with these guys for a very short chat, give it a read:


[interview] The Swing Party Band - Catch them at LETS SWING IT - FAMILY PICNIC // 9th April

MA: Hey guys, its awesome to be chatting to you. Everyone good?

I am sure we are all well. We don’t meet too often so not sure of the exact welfare of all band members at this given point in time.

MA: Would you mind introducing us to the band members and tell us who plays what?

Rynier Prins – guitar, Viwe Mkizwana – upright bass, Hannah Foster – vocals and percussion, Rian Britz – accordion, Siobhan Lloyd Jones – fiddle.

MA: How/Where did you guys meet to for the Swing Party Band?

Most of us studied together at TUT back in the day and Rian and I met while playing for The Oh So Serious. (The Oh So Serious performed at Mieliepop music festival this year).

MA: What are some of your influences as a band?

Influences are Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Adam Baldych, Django Reinhard, Romane, Lake Street Dive etc. In terms of sound I suppose we take bits and pieces from everything we listen to.

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene?? Anything you wished you could see more of?

Wish there were more live music venues to perform at. In terms of festivals, I love it but have never been paid any decent money to perform at a festival, at times not even fuel. And these are all bands that have been playing for a few years, have a great following etc. Lots of other musicians I speak to have the same feeling so I really wonder where all the money goes? I mean lets face it, if it were not for the musicians there would not even be a darn festival!

MA: You will be playing at the LET’S SWING IT – FAMILY PICNIC event this Saturday… are you guys excited for this event and what can we expect from your set?

Looking forward to play at the Lets Swing It event. We will be putting our own spin on Gypsy Jazz and we are more about vibing and having fun than trying to play stylistically correct.

MA: Anything else that you are working on that we might want to hear about?

Trying to memorise the music so that we don’t have to read form charts 🙂

MA: Where do we follow you on social media?

Web: swingpartyband.wix.com/swingparty
Instagram: swingpartyband (we have the account and will start sharing pictures soon)

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