[interview] The Sextons – Catch them at The Nice Guy Sessions this Friday

[interview] The Sextons - Catch them at The Nice Guy Sessions this Friday

The Nice Guy Sessions – Expect a profusion of well-crafted flavours, exceptional sounds and a colourful spectrum of Pretoria and Gauteng society, as The Cowhouse celebrates the skill and ingenuity of craftsmanship.

Craft Beer is obviously one of the focal points of the event, and will be present in a wide selection; from the refreshing Rooibos Cider from Hazeldean Brewing Company to Brewhog’s fruitful Red Lager and the Banana flavoured Fokker Weiss from Cockpit Brewhouse. A variety of local street chefs will also be showcasing their talents in the form of gourmet wraps, burgers and traditional curries, as the evening is spent on the lush green lawns of our charming outdoor venue, indulging the pallets and exciting the senses.

To accentuate the creativity and experimentation of the growing sensation that is craft; guests will enjoy live entertainment from a wide range of South Africa’s upcoming and talented musicians such as The Sextons, Fritz Gunter and Vagabond King. Whilst other attractions include the Beer Pong Competition in association with Hazeldean Brewing Company and the Hazeldean Valley Trails, which offer fitness enthusiasts a variety of scenic routes to enjoy on bike or foot, and with their beloved four legged friends.

The Venue – The Cowhouse is an outdoor retail space promoting cuisine, arts, crafts and design. The venue is set in the heart of the Hazeldean Valley is an old dairy farm that is now a unique gathering spot for people from all walks of life to meet, be inspired and share ideas whilst enjoying an unique farm-feel setting. It is a place for people that are passionate about what they do themselves and the whole idea of manufacturing the art in their space & selling it in their space.

The Sextons Hailing from the tiny town of Magaliesburg, just outside of Johannesburg, Jamie-Lee Sexton is a small town girl with powerful vocals and mosaic of musical talents, which allows her to be multifaceted Artist and able to perform an assortment of genres. The dynamic 4 piece with charismatic energy, unforgettable songs, and an undeniable groove, create a mélange of new age Soulful music with an undertone of Jazz, Folk and mass of Soul.

Interview: The Sextons

[interview] The Sextons - Catch them at The Nice Guy Sessions this Friday

MA: Before we get started, can you please introduce us to the members of The Sextons and tell us everyone’s role in the band?

Hello there 🙂

Jamie-Lee – Lead vocals, guitar, ukulele and keys
Mark – Drums and percussion
Danny- Bass guitar and backing vocals
Steve – Lead guitar and jokes

MA: How/Where did you guys meet up to form the band?

I had been performing solo for a couple of years and wanted to form a band, so I called up a friend of mine who is also a producer (Kevin Leicher) and asked him to put me in touch with the most current and best musicians, i spoke to a few people and finally met the right guys. The rest is history… (Jamie-Lee) 

MA: Can you give us a short background on the name The Sextons?

It is Jamie-Lee’s surname.  Sexton – Proudly Irish 🍀 

MA: Where do you guys take inspiration from in your “sound”?

Life and life experience is a massive influencer.  Plus that , we all have such vast influences, some of them are Nina Simone, Haken, Reel Big Fish, Jimi Hendrix, Radio head, St Vincent, Abba, Wham, Simphiwe Dana and Frank Ocean just to name a few. And the beauty of our “sound” is found in the amalgamation of life and these artists. 

MA: Care to share some of the best moments as a band over the past few years?

  1. Playing main stage at Oppikoppi last year. Epic!! 
  2. Traveling around South Africa and getting to see countries outside of South Africa all thanks to music.
  3. Having our music played on national radio stations. Best feeling ever!! 
  4. Watching our manager eat sushi off a “mermaid” in bar.

MA: Our local scene has been growing positively over the past few years… What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently?

Its fantastic to be a part of such a thriving music scene and with venues supporting local artists more and more, which is great. The quality of music is on an international level and South Africans are starting to love and support South African music much more.

Two things that could possibly be done differently: Pay the artist/artists more, so much hard work goes into doing what we do! And book more female artists, we don’t see enough woman on our stages.

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

For sure! 

Msaki, The Academie, Made for Broadway, Nasty C, Bey Beneco , Grassy Spark and Simphiwe Dana.

There are many more… 🙂

MA: The Nice Guy Sessions is a brand new concept taking place at the Cowhouse Market in PTA. You guys will be performing at The Nice Guy Sessions on the 14th April. Are you excited for this event?? What can we expect from your set on the day? 

We are super excited for the event!!! First timers, so we’re looking forward to it. Our set has everything you need, energy, dance move material, nostalgic moments and fun!!  

MA: Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

We are currently planning our next few singles, and we will be going into studio soon. So keep your ears to the ground! We can’t wait to share our new material. Exciting times ahead!! 

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

Links to The Sextons:

“EGO” – Latest Single  : www.souncloud.com/thesextons1/ego
The Sextons- Music Video  “ Inside “ https://youtu.be/AcLyVltOfKc
I-Tunes: “Welcome to Forever”:https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/welcome-to-forever/id1046783492

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TheSextons1
Twitter: @WeRTheSextons
Instagram: the_sextons
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQAO35P74XaOriNyQ489Ng


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