[interview] The EVALS JAM – 5th July 2014 – YBF Plaza – WHO IS EVALS BMX?

[interview] The EVALS JAM - 5th July 2014 - YBF Plaza - WHO IS EVALS BMX?


Evals BMX is a local BMX company, based in Centurion, who’s primary goal is to get more and more gents interested in riding BMX. Evals BMX is run by Rico Ribeiro, a Pretoria gent who fell in love with BMX shortly after high school. He decided to start his own BMX company, importing and selling BMX parts and apparel, making it easier for riders to get their hands on their favourite bike parts, with his online store (www.evalsbmx.co.za). He can often be seen rolling with his TEAM at all the skate parks in Gauteng, or just hanging out at his Centurion residence, where he has a small set-up to ride. This coming Saturday you can find him at the YBF Plaza in JHB, where he is throwing a BMX Jam. Here is all the information you need about the jam, as well as a short interview with Rico, hope you enjoy!!


Date: 5th July 2014
Place: YBF Plaza (54 Hornbill Road, Bryanston, JHB)
Time: Registrations open at 9am (If you are a minor, please come with Guardian to sign forms)
Fee: R50.00
PRIZE: R5000.00 prize money!!

Food & Drinks will be available on site.
Tunes to be played by the Red Bull crew.


[interview] The EVALS JAM - 5th July 2014 - YBF Plaza - WHO IS EVALS BMX?

MA: Before we get to know Evals BMX, can you give us a little background on how you started out in BMX?
For as long as i can remember, I always wanted to fly on a MX bike. As a youngster in my neighborhood, nobody owned bikes or even bicycles for that matter. So as i got older and moved more into the city, I started being exposed to more things and decided I wanted to Race Moto X. I finished school and saved some cash and with a lil help from my parents, my dream became a reality and I bought my first MX bike. That same day I went to the track and went a lil bukwild and crashed so hard my bike was destroyed . I had no money to fix it and in the process I decided to by a mountain bike and ride dirt jumps,only to arrive at the bike shop, where I first laid eyes on a BMX trick bike. The owner showed me a dvd of guys riding BMX Freestyle, which blew me away, so I bought my first BMX. I then met Mark Fraser and Gwayne Grech and they introduced me to Kyle aka Zandy and took me to his and Zaks trails spot out in Kwambonambi, my life changed that day and i fell in love with BMX.
Kwambonambi trails
[interview] The EVALS JAM - 5th July 2014 - YBF Plaza - WHO IS EVALS BMX?
MA: I believe you had quite a sick set up back in Richards Bay?? Tell us a bout that..
Richards Bay was were it all started and it was an industrial town with no resources , no parks to ride or street for that matter.We spent hours riding flat ground and every weekend  I would make missions out to Kwambo. You would ride what ever you could, its not like we could choose really, rather make the most of riding anything we could find. A lot of people focus on certain disciplines like park,street or dirt. In Richards Bay we would ride anything , even though we had the best trails we would ride anything. We would have the most fun creating spots at the bank at spar or the two stair at the post office or the walls at the beach front even kurbs for hours. Riding bikes in a small town is hard , you have to build everything you want or work for it. Thats how my ghetto park in my yard came about. We made everything we wanted to ride just to learn new tricks. Best times ever out at Greenhills in Richards bay. Riding in Richards Bay Definitely gave me more appreciation for all the parks and amazing spots i get to ride these days
MA: What has kept you interested and committed to the sport over all these years?
The thing that keeps me going is the way I feel when i ride! The amazing people i have met along the way and the true gents in our sport The freedom and joy i get on my bike made me realize , i want this lifestyle. Forever Chasing The Dream till we Living The Dream.
[interview] The EVALS JAM - 5th July 2014 - YBF Plaza - WHO IS EVALS BMX?-ghetto-parkGhetto Park at Richards Bay
MA: Where/How did Evals BMX start? How has the brand done since bringing BSD in?
I think Evals was always a rad brand with the right vision and purpose, bringing in new products and giving the riders more options was always part of the plan , im just really happy we finally doing it. CTD
MA: Do you have an Evals team yet? 
Evals Consists of a rad bunch of gents who love there little bikes and roll the non-traditional path. Our online store has profiles and pics of our crew www.evalsbmx.co.za check it out.


back-yard-ramps-tail-whip-hipRico doing a tail whip at his Ghetto Park in Richards Bay

MA: You are throwing your first Jam, are you excited? What can we expect on Saturday?
Evals is throwing there first annual Jam this weekend , this Jam will run every year at the same time. We are very excited as we have approached this Jam in a non traditional manner and full street Jam. This will allow the riders to express them selves in a more relaxed manner then your usual 2 runs. Its gonna be an action packed day , with all the best talent around South Africa coming to take the cash home. Red Bull, Go Pro, Skull Candy,Gform,BSD,Mongoose and Omnico will be on board. YBF plaza have sponsored R3000.00 cash for the prizes. In total R5000.00 up for grabs with loads of product giveaways. There is a restaurant and facilities at the venue. Pro Class will start at 12 mid day.
MA: Is there anything else that you are working on that we might be interested in?
We currently working on Demos and exposing our sport, so we can get more youth involved.
We will be in Witbank the weekend after the jam to help throw a Jam for all the riders there in the mall.
MA: Where can people follow you?
Instagram: EVALSBMX | Twitter: @evalsbmx | Facebook: Evals Bmx
MA: Good luck for the Jam… I will be there to take some pics 🙂
[interview] The EVALS JAM - 5th July 2014 - YBF Plaza - WHO IS EVALS BMX? zandy-drop-nose-3-kwambo

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