[interview] Swade Swift Showcase – Halloween 2018

[interview] Swade Swift Showcase - Halloween 2018

Swade Shift is a group of young men from our Capital city, Pretoria, who are pushing the boundaries of their music and events, to bring us the very best in underground music. They will have a showcase at Halloween 2018, taking place this weekend. We caught up with them for a short chat, this is how it went down:

Interview: Swade Shift 

[interview] Swade Swift Showcase - Halloween 2018

MA: Hello gents, rad to be chatting to you guys, how are you doing?

Since the Springboks finally beat the all blacks and one can legally smoke at home I would say we pretty good!

MA: Do you mind starting with a quick 101 on who Swade Swift are? Where in SA are you from and how did you get started in the music scene?

So we are 4 dudes with a mad passion for the electronic music scene that South Africa has got, our passion specifically lays within the realms of our growing underground scene and those genres of music one would rarely hear on the radio. We are essentially somewhat of a movement in Pretoria and Specifically Hatfield that hosts events to promote and introduce the vast student market to music they have never heard before while at the same time allowing some upcoming local producers and DJs to showcase what they have to offer the dance floor. The 4 guys that makeup Swade Shift are namely Romario Afonso, Jarren Van Eeden, Bongani Zulu and Khathu Musekwa and together we form a DJ Collective known as the Swade Shift Showcase. Essentially we were all aspiring DJs who hadn’t managed to DJ outside of our Bedrooms so we figured hey why not start hosting student parties that we ourselves could play at and it all kick-started from there. Sometimes you just gotta create your own stage and that’s what we did.

MA: What are some of your musical influences?

You know being 4 guys with slightly different tastes in music or at least with our own styles it is difficult to list musical influences that would represent all our preferences so instead we could list parties at which we have heard music that has inspired us and taught us a lot about the progression of sound throughout a night or the event. These parties being TOY TOY, Deep Town Jozi and the array of local talent showcased at Truths upstairs dance floor.

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?

We have tons of faith in the potential of our industry. We literally have world-class DJs/Producers performing weekly in venues and clubs around us. Another thing to point out is something we have learned about the industry specifically in Gauteng and that is if you put in the work and prove yourself to others within the industry they will be more than willing to give you a hand where they can and this for us is the most heartwarming thing because it’s only collectively working together that we can build this Scene that we all are so passionate about. We have literally do have crazy amounts of talent floating about our industry and it’s time to showcase it, thus more platforms provided for each other by each other is how we could take full advantage of the amazing music coming out of our country. With more world-class artists we should be having more world-class events and if that’s not the case then collectively we doing something wrong, however, we believe the scene is heading in the right direction.

MA: Any acts/bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

Although being involved mostly with the electronic music scene there are still bands that have caught our eye and are sure to have us jamming away, two of which are Pretoria based namely Little Ringo and We are Charlie. Another band we recently had to pleasure to watch were an act by the name of ‘The Muffins’ we not sure where they from but at the last Ginapalooza hosted at the African beer Emporium they blew us away! In regards to the electronic scene, there are so many artists that we would advise you keep an eye on namely Avi Subban, Gumz, Luc, Vik, Kamanda, FKA Mash, Mika, Cornelius and a very promising 17-year-old Pretoria based producer named Ginileo Da Silva. Also to mention our friends are of ours waving the South Africa flag high abroad like Chee who is now based on the USA and Von Ekko based now in the UK. It’s an exciting time for the South African music scene!

RAM & GRIET Presents: HALLOWEEN 2018
MA: You will be playing at HALLOWEEN 2018, alongside some of the raddest acts in SA…. Are you excited for the gig?

Excited is an understatement! We have been religiously attending this party since it was still held at arcade empire. We are super appreciative of the opportunity to get our creep on behind the decks of one of the 012s biggest parties.

MA: What can we expect from your Swade Swift Showcase at Halloween 2018?

We would like to say that you can expect the best set of all time but the truth is you can expect to dance to music you have never heard before played to you by guys who are only too happy to share with you the music they love. P. S we may or may not play some original productions nudge nudge wink wink.

MA: Anything else you currently working on that we may be interested in?

We are currently working on a few things, essentially we are just trying to improve our current events and have been given the opportunity to work with probably the best sound system brand in the world so are parties are certainly going to be a lot louder hehe. Also, we have confirmed our first international booking of 2019 all the way from Berlin and is definitely something to look forward to! Basically, our aim now is to improve the standard of parties in Pretoria and to collab with like-minded people and provide our Capital with the nightlife it deserves.

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