[Interview] Stelth Ulvang from The Lumineers will be gracing Pretoria this weekend for Park Acoustic’s 5th birthday!!

[Interview] Stelth Ulvang from The LumineersWe are less than a week away from yet another Park Acoustics Sunday in Pretoria. This time its more than just a day out with the beautiful people from the Capital while listening to quality live music…. its also their 5th birthday bash and its going to be a banger! One of the many gifted artists to be on show this Sunday is a man by the name of Stealth Ulvang, who is a member of the Denver, USA, based band The Lumineers. This talented young man will be performing for you this Sunday as a solo act, alongside a few local musicians, which he is very excited for. We have been fortunate enough to have a chat with Stelth ahead of this weekends fun, this is what he had to say:

Interview: Stelth Ulvang 

[Interview] Stelth Ulvang from The Lumineers

  • Hey Stelth, how are you doing? Its a pleasure to be chatting to you!!
Thanks for hitting me up!
  • To kick start this interview, would you mind telling us where you come from in the world and how you got started in music?
Sure, I’m from Denver Colorado, right along the rocky mountains, and I suppose the easy answer would be I started playing saxophone in school, and eventually worked my way toward Piano, Accordion, Guitar and Bass–   Working in a coffee shop in a small college town I started putting on shows at my house, meeting a lot of musicians, some of which I started a band with (Dovekins)-


  • You are part of the amazing band The Lumineers 😀 Would you mind giving us a short background on how you became part of the band and where you fit in?


When the two New Jersey based Lumineers moved to Colorado our bands played a lot together, and it was easy for me to start playing Bass PIano and mandolin in the band (I eventually moved to piano, when we got a full time bass player)  The timing was fortunate with the release of our S/T album, and the rest is recent history.

  • Has music always been an inspiration for you growing up?


Maybe not always, My grandfather sang in a Barbershop Chorus, and quartets and growing up close to him, was the closest encouragement I got-
  • You are coming down to South Africa as a solo act, playing at Park Acoustics, as one of your gigs. Are you excited about this?
So excited, I think inspired mainly by the scene of people and the mix of beautiful landscape I was trying to work up another reason to come visit. Easily one of my favorite stops after years of touring with The Lumineers, and I’m glad I’ve left some time to explore-
  • What can we expect from Stelth Ulvang?
I left my band behind in the states, and I will be meeting up with some local musicians down in Cape Town, I have a strong value in collaboration, and the changes that occur in my songs and the new things to be learned- with that Said, my songs will remain similar in structure but I think we will make them fierce and wiley, I’m hoping in a few days of rehearsal to put on one hell of a show.
  • What are your influences as a solo act?
Such a span! from Tom waits, to Jerry Lee Lewis and Leonard Cohen, and Neil Young-
With hope that those can swirl together in a lively yet truthful show – I think I aspire to have energetic conviction throughout-
  • What have you seen/heard/experienced about our local music scene here in South Africa?
At first very limited, to the bigger bands that made it to the states but there is SO much music, and I have so much respect for the places that are so self sustainable in their scene, and fortunate to be filled with good musicians- Even playing down there with the Lumineers with Alice Phoebe Lou, Dear Reader, and Majozi, to other stuff I learned of,  like Jeremy Loops (Who I’ll be seeing play soon in England)
[Interview] Stelth Ulvang from The Lumineers
  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?
I tour as well with a band Spirits of the Red City, which is a 6-10 piece Orchestral Folk Ensemble, all based from different parts of the US (including Alaska)
I will also be doing continued work with the Satellite Collective for a ballet to be performed at BAM in September-
I also worked with Satellite on a project that was the Telephone Game of art pieces, a huge artist collaboration worldwide, creating works of art strung off from other works of art (ad infinitum)
http://telephone.satellitecollective.org/works/201   ( heres my song here, inspired by a painting) and like I said, love creative forms of collaboration like this and the ballet!
  • Where can we follow you on social media?
Stelth Ulvang all the way down, I lucked out, getting the Twitter, instagram, Facebook, and domain all to myself (The perks of having a weird mom give you a unique name)
  • Lastly, any artist that you still wish to share a stage with one day?
Currently really into Erland Oye, from Kings of Convenience- Laura Marling, in G.B. and Sufjan Stevens new stuff- Maybe We could all have a show 😉
Thanks for having me!
Catch him at Park Acoustics this Sunday:
PARK ACOUSTICS In Association With Jack Daniel’s Presents: PARK ACOUSTICS - 24 May 2015


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