[Interview] SLAX – Catch him at the COOL INC TATTOO EXPO this weekend!!

[Interview] STAX - Catch him at the COOL INC TATTOO EXPO this weekend!!


Hi bro, its nice to chat to you, how are you doing? 

Hiya, not sure really, it’s too early on a Monday to really gauge the hows and doings.

Would you please start off with a short background on who Slax is, where do you come from in SA and how you started out in music?
(I don’t think there’s a sufficient synopsis for this but…) Many moons ago, possibly a couple of decades, I began my intrepid exploration of sound making and collecting as a school lad; breaking computers and hifi systems, sneaking out to raves and into clubs. Together with the influence of my folks running a blues/jazz nightclub this became a foundation for my journey into working and playing at festivals around the country. For quite some time I was all about hard techno and trance, producing and playing under the guise of Parallax… then one day I grew up and hung up that hat, Parallax put on a pair of slacks and Slax was born. I got back to my roots of finding full spectrum grooves and audio delights to play out wherever I might find myself behind some big bass. Where I come from is not too important, but I’m here. 😉
How would you describe your sound in 5 words? 
Chronic Funky Punky Tonic Monkey
[Interview] STAX - Catch him at the COOL INC TATTOO EXPO this weekend!!
What are some of your musical influences and inspirations? 
Anything from Pink Floyd to Aphex Twin to Miles Davis to Quincy Jones to The Beach Boys to James Brown to Jeff Mills to Squarepusher to Daft Punk to Muddy Waters to the Satch to Clapton to Luke Slater to Simon Posford to Yello to Creedance to Black Sabbath to Oakenfold to Takeshi Isogai to Grooverider to Richard Devine to Leftfield to Kraftwerk to DJ Shadow to Moby to Cypress Hill to the Pistols to… you get the idea, I could go on and on… My biggest influence of course has been making my own beats and learning what it takes to translate feelings into sound.
What are your thoughts on our local music scene currently?
Anything you think that can improve? I think it’s diverse and the rhythm runs deep, but I think there needs to be more sharing. Magic happens when we drop our stigmas and step out of our little boxes. 
You are playing at the COOL INC TATTOO EXPO… are you guys excited to be playing at this event and what can we expect from your set? 
I’ve played the last couple of editions and have always had a great time sharing what I have. You have to be excited to play, you have to be into it, that’s the way music works. So I’ll do my best to carry that. It’s a bit early to know what I’m going to bring to the gathering but you can definitely expect some decent bass, some slightly odd sounds and perhaps some squeak takkie.
Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?
Hmmm… I always have a plethora of projects on the go… my next shindig is something I’ve been doing for awhile called Pollinate; every now and again I put together a Sunday do at the Living Room in Maboneng, Johannesburg. It’s beautiful urban rooftop venue that I fill with great sounds and groovy people. The next one is on the 11th October.
Where can we follow you on Social media? 

Thanks for your time…!!


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1599642560295356/


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