[Interview] SKIP&DIE will be back at Park Acoustics this Sunday, all the way from Amsterdam.

[Interview] SKIP&DIE will be back at Park Acoustics this Sunday, all the way from Amsterdam_Photo Credit_Carlijn_Jacobs_lores

After setting stages on fire around the planet during their successful two-year Riots In The Jungle tour, pan-tropical future bass band SKIP&DIE are back with an exhilarating new album, entitled Cosmic Serpents – luring their audiences into a landscape somewhere between paradise, the apocalypse and beyond.

With its re-imagining of global music, irresistible rhythms and beats, acoustic instruments, field recordings and spacey synths, SKIP&DIE’s upcoming album, Cosmic Serpents, reveals a poetic sonic collage that toys with ideas of transient life, looming death, and the notion that our collective DNA coils throughout eternity like a cosmic serpent.

Their latest album, COSMIC SERPENTS, set for release March 2015, the new album was written and recorded in Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, Colombia, La Reunion island, South Africa, Portugal and the Netherlands. It incorporates a rich variety of musical styles (from digital cumbia, creole maloya, brazilian rasterinha and electro chaabi – to dub, footwork and psychedelic rock) which have been inventively merged into an intimately layered SKIP&DIE universe

We managed to have a short cut with them, this is how it went down:

Interview: SKIP&DIE
[Interview] SKIP&DIE will be back at Park Acoustics this Sunday, all the way from Amsterdam_Photo Credit_Alexander_Dahms_LR

MA: Hi guys, its really nice to chat to you! Welcome back to South Africa!

Thanks! It’s great to finally be back.

MA: Do you mind giving us a short 101 on who Skip & Die (NL) is, where you guys met and where do you call home?

We are a group of 4, traveling the world, collecting sounds and making people dance. We’ve done this for a couple of years now and released two albums on the way: ‘Riots in the Jungle’ and ‘Cosmic Serpents’.
We are touring a lot and I guess wherever we pay rent, the tourbus is some kind of home. But Cata lives in Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, Jori in Lisbon (PT), Daniel in Utrecht (NL) and Gino doesn’t have a house.

MA: Do you mind introducing us to the members and what are you playing in the band?

Cata.Pirata is our lead vocalist and visual artist and performer
Gino Bombrini plays percussion
Daniel Rose plays guitar and basically everything with strings on it
Jori Collignon takes the synths and the electronic part of the group.

MA: CATARINA, what made you up and leave SA to pursue your musical journey around the world?

I left South Africa at age 8, with my parents and younger brother. My family was actively opposed to the regime and didn’t want to continue living in a society where ‘apartheid’ was considered a norm and where everyone suffered the dividing rule and its destructive consequences to society and psyche.

After leaving South Africa I lived in the Azores / UK / Ibiza / Argentina / Brazil / and the Netherlands. After having started a degree in Law (human rights), I realized that real change could be made by following the heart and honing into creative & the musical side that had always been present, using my voice and arts. This is when I initiated SKIP&DIE and started to travel around the world  – incorporating into my art, socio-political undertones amalgamated with global party vibes, oscillating between the thin line of life and death.
[Interview] SKIP&DIE will be back at Park Acoustics this Sunday, all the way from Amsterdam_Photo Credit_Carlijn_Jacobs_lores

MA: Where does the band find inspirations from?

The traveling is a big part of it. Meeting different people and learning how to see the world from different perspectives.

MA: What have been some highlights in your career thus far?

Our tours took us everywhere and we met a lot of great people. To see how all these different parts of the world connect to the music is really something. The last years we were in China, Korea, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, all over Europe, Equador, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

MA: What was the most beautiful setting that you have ever played at?

There are too many beautiful festivals around that I don’t remember the name of, but last night we played a show with Lindigo, a Maloya group, in the middle of the sugarcane fields on the east coast of the Island of Reunion and it was pretty amazing.

MA: Skip & Die are back at Park Acoustics again this month. Are you excited to be back? What can we expect from your set?

It feels really great to finally be back in South Africa to play our full show for the first time since we were in Johannesburg and Cape Town to record the first album.
The set is wild, with flaming guitar riffs, banging percussion, wild dances and trousershaking bass.
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MA: You have recently released your latest album COSMIC SERPENTS. How have your listeners taken to the new album? 

Fucking great. Since the album was released in the beginning of the year, we’ve been playing and they were shaking their bodies.

MA: What can we expect from this album?

It was a trip to make it and it is a trip to listen to. We had been touring for nearly 2,5 years and we collected sounds Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, but also Egypt, Lebanon, China and South Korea.
As a band we grew from a former duo into a 4-piece band and we write and produce the tracks all together. We’ve managed to make an album that is very close to all of us, dealing with our experiences on the road.

MA: Any notable guest collaborations on the album?

We did a track with Islam Chipsy, a spectacular Chaabi keyboard player from Egypt. There is a track called Maloya Magic with Lindigo, a group from Réunion Island. We’re also proud to have Chancha Via Circuito on the album. He is a great producer of Electro Cumbia from Buenos Aires.
Watch the latest music video by SKIP&DIE – Wake Up:

MA: Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

We just released our shortest video up to date. It’s called Wake up and our friend Rogier van der Zwaag (you might know him from Nobody Beats the Drum) did a great job on directing it.
Branko (from Buraka Som Systema) made a great Club Edit for the track. Free download 😉 check it out.

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

We’re there on facebook.com/skipndie. Website on http://www.skipndie.com/index.html and Instagramming as skipndie too. Thinking about starting an old school newsletter.

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