[interview] SHORTSTRAW – YOUTHLESS Available For PRE-ORDER – 5 Things About YOUTHLESS

[interview] SHORTSTRAW - YOUTHLESS Available For PRE-ORDER - 5 Things About YOUTHLESS

Today the PRE-ORDER of SHORTSTRAW’s brand new album, YOUTHLESS, is officially available on iTunes. YOUTHLESSShortstraw’s third full length album, comes after the release of the first single (and video) from the album, HEAPS KEEN, at the beginning of December. The album is set for official release on 5 January 2015.

“Youthless. Because we are older, but we are still useless.”

The album was recorded and mixed at High Seas Studios in Rosebank, Johannesburg by Jacques du Plessis and Adrian Erasmus. Jacques did the bulk of the producing during the recording process and whilst mixing, Alastair produced with Jacques. It was mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge in New York City.

“In this album there’s the idea of youth which plays itself, there’s a song about high school, there’s a song about moving in with your girlfriend, a song about going out and partying, there’s a song about building a house figuratively and literally. Without it being expressly obvious, there is this theme throughout the album. We found the theme developed naturally and so it made sense as to how it was going to fit together as a product.

The band came up with the concept for the album artwork together. They initially wanted super youthful scenes, but without the youth in the pictures. Almost like a modern city, but sans any people. The images looked too miserable though, as though they were advertising child trafficking, so they opted for a less bleak look and got all the toys together for the cover. Angie Durrant Batis did the art direction and Hanro Havenga took the photos, the same two who also did the artwork for their previous album.

[interview] SHORTSTRAW - YOUTHLESS Available For PRE-ORDER - 5 Things About YOUTHLESS
Photo Credit: Hanro-Havenga


MA: Morning guys, what a pleasure to be chatting to you about a brand new album!! This must be exciting for you, right?!

Dude! We’re so flippin excited about it! We’re really happy with what we’ve done, so hopefully that feeling is mutual with everyone else.

MA: Firstly, please give us the background of the album name, YOUTHLESS?

Well, it’s a play on the word useless and the majority of the album is written about coming to terms with the fact that we’re getting older, while everyone around us seems to getting younger. We’re getting to the point in our lives where we should know what we’re doing, but we’re still pretty useless!  

MA: You guys have been so busy the last 2 years, when did you find the time to sit down and write a full album? Or did songs come to you sporadically and you just slowly started racking them up?

A bit of both really. We have very short attention spans, so whenever we’d practice, we’d jam for an hour or so before running our set. each time we did that, we’d come up with a few ideas and work on those through the next few practices until we set a date for the album. Then we consciously went into studio with a bunch of ideas, and sat and refined them over a few weeks in a live setup. We were lucky enough to have the budget this time around to do proper pre-production on the album, which we think has resulted in a more polished sound.

MA: Any special guest appearances you want to tell us about?? Or is that for us to wait and see??

We haven’t got anyone vocally, but we’re honoured to have Marcus Wyatt playing trumpet on a few tracks, as well as Big Willy from Fuzigish on the trombone.

MA: You guys have recently released the music video for the single, HEAPS KEEN. Is this officially the first single to the album? (fine tune BTW)

Hell yeah mate! We felt it was an appropriate one to do first cos it sets up the theme of the album, as well as introducing the new sound we’re playing with.  

MA: If you could predict, what would you say will be the biggest song from YOUTHLESS??

Dawg, if we could predict that, we’d be, like ‘the Parlotones’ famous! Our favourite is Charlotte Carter, so hopefully that one.  

[interview] SHORTSTRAW - YOUTHLESS Available For PRE-ORDER - 5 Things About YOUTHLESS

YOUTHLESS Track Listing:

  1.   Youthless
  2.   Oxygen Supply
  3.   OMG
  4.   Until Your Head Hits My Pillow
  5.   Heaps Keen
  6.   House
  7.   Charlotte Carter
  8.   Say Anything
  9.   Campus Life
  10.   Out With It
  11.   Tidy Up
  12.   High School
  13.   Curtains
  14.   When You’re Angry
  15.   Good Winter



If you pre-order YOUTHLESS before 25 December 2014, you will receive 6 of the tracks from YOUTHLESS already on Christmas Day, before the official release of the album!

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