[Interview] ShelO – A young man with a bright future!! Catch him at our Appleversary 2.0.

[Interview] ShelO - A young man with a bright future!! Catch him at our Appleversary 2.0.ShelO is another artists (DJ/Producer) that we have come across over the past year, who we are super keen to showcase, as this young man is going to blow up!! He has his eyes firmly set on his target, which is producing and releasing some banger tunes and hopefully releasing a EP or Album soon. You can catch him playing back-2-back with good friend Cody Blanc, this Saturday at Arcade Empire, for our Appleversary 2.0 party. Hope to see you all there!! Have a look at this interview we managed to set up with ShelO, hope you enjoy!!


[Interview] ShelO - A young man with a bright future!! Catch him at our Appleversary 2.0.

MA:  Do you mind giving us a bit of background on how you got started in music?
I have always had a love for Music and always felt an incredible amount of pleasure by having the latest and greatest tunes. At Age 14 I came across a few albums that change my idea of music and has positively affected my taste in music… I fell in love with all things German whether it was House, Minimal or even Progressive… Marek Hemmann, Martin Stimming & Oliver Koletzki. Just to name and credit a few artists… I also had a love for Fidget which in my eyes was perfect dance music…
MA: What have been your musical influences through this journey?
Couple of years later and Deep House & Nu Disco took over the South African industry… This is where i was fortunate to meet a good friend of mine Cody Blanc, who was already DJ’ing at the time… He Invited me to come watch one of his sets at H20 (SAs Biggest Music Festival)… This is where he played a track called (Kings Of Tomorrow – Show Me) and it hypnotized the dance floor… pure bliss and euphoria are the only words i can describe the dance floor, and i was in my element and i knew straight away that people would love to hear the music i had been collecting for years… The next week Cody taught me how to beat match…  i have been beat matching ever since… Credit to Cody Blanc
MA: We hear that besides DJ’ing, you have mad skills in studio and that your productions are way advanced than what your age would suggest. Tell us how you got started in production and what would you say is your inspiration?
Everyday in studio is exciting but at times it can be very stressful and a pain in the ass… Inspiration is very important before stepping into studio… and i find a lot of inspiration on Soundcloud… There are to many talented artists out there, & i find a lot of inspiration from 4 countries especially (GER, UK, Italy & lately i have grown fond of the Japanese Dub/Techno)… Dub/Techno or Mirco House is the sound im trying to manipulate in my productions… 2013 was the year i got started in production, i studied Sound Engineering with my good mate Cody at Boston City Campus which was doing a music coarse through Soul Candi… Ever since then i have tried putting my knowledge of music down onto Cubase 7.5…
MA:  Any major releases as yet?
It Takes a while for a release to actually be released, there is a big waiting list before the tracks are out and ready for purchase… But i do have some promising Remixes and Originals waiting in that line already… Just to name a remix to be out soon on UP TO LOFT (Ukraine)

[ULT017] Løtte – Try IT! EP with remixes from Vedran Komm & ShelO

Keep your eyes and ears open for this one…
[Interview] ShelO - A young man with a bright future!! Catch him at our Appleversary 2.0.
MA: : 2014 was quite a busy year in general for the SA music scene, especially the house scene… What were some of your favourite moments from last year?
Ahhh Good Question… in terms of internationals coming here it was exciting having Chris Lattner and German Brigante in SA… But and i quote ” Last Year Was Last Year, This Year Is This Year” 2015 is the Year for SA regarding Internationals…
MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene currently?
I have been waiting for this question… and i feel this is where i have to be completely honest…
There is a lot of talent this side but sadly the industry doesn’t showcase it
Book me I Book you???? (SA INDUSTRY)
“money over passion… and everyone wants to get ahead of everyone… there is enough pie for All involved in the industry … and the oaks that are hungry to make a difference never get a piece” ShelO
MA: Any amazing new artists hit the scene that you think needs a special mention?
Like i Said Previous there is a lot of talent out there and i could mention so many artists but i must say  F.eht(Germany) & Paul Richard Keller(Germany) These Boys are dedicated, humble , Passionate & Have tracks that will make any artist feel powerful behind the decks!!!
MA:  You are playing Back-to-Back with the talented Cody Blanc at our APPLEVERSAY (Mixed Apples 2nd birthday) party on the 7th March, closing the night after Italian duo Dis&Dat. Are you excited to be coming to Pretoria for this one and what can we expect from your set?
DIS&DAT are Magical been following them since 2013… Really honored to be apart of a line-up filled with such quality and looking forward to having these boys as well as TEETS in South Africa… Cody and myself have not stopped talking and amping each other for this event… We are ready
PRETORIA Has a Musical journey to look forward to
MA: Where can we follow you on social media?
Instagram: sheldonolivier
Thanks for having me Nelson & Thanks to Mixed Apples for giving me a chance to be heard and to voice myself …
We will see you guys on the 7th of March… DIS&DAT(Italy) TEETS(France)
*images taken from ShelO Facebook page*

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