[Interview] Set For The Sky – New album “The Machine”


Set For The Sky are a 4 piece band hailing from Stellenbosch. The band has been together since 2013 and have grown from strength to strength. The culmination of their efforts has resulted in the debut album titled “The Machine”. Set For The Sky looks and feels like metal, however one would not typically identify their music with the conventional metal genre, their sound is more like an alternative rock mixed with what they like to call “electronicore”. The 12 track album is cleverly crafted and put together with futuristic sounds, anthemic lyrics and general rolling thunder! Something else which is probably of little significance but definitely worth a mention is that the hard copy of this album is brilliantly packaged with 2 textures of black and a freckle of white, but ja, go buy the album and have a look at that.

Back to the good stuff. We had the opportunity to have a chat with the band to learn more about them and their music – particularly that which forms part of “The Machine”

MA: HI Guys, thanks for your time, please could you introduce yourselves?

James: We’re Set For The Sky, an alternative rock/electronicore band from Stellenbosch, Cape Town consisting of 4 very strapping young lads namely: Trent, Jeandre, Alex and myself, James

MA: Let’s talk about genre, Set For The Sky looks and feels like metal, but your sound goes by a different name, what’s the deal there?

Trent: I don’t think we (and the majority of our listeners) see SFTS as metal, though there is definitely a heavier element to our sound.

James: A common genre we’ve been classified as is Electronicore, probably due to the electro aspects we mix into the music. I doubt any of us would look good in long hair and metal gear!

Jeandre: I think sometimes people use the wrong term (in this case “metal”) to describe “heavy music”.  I definitely think SFTS fits more into the hardcore/punk scene, in terms of musicality and perception. But we DO try to keep the music and style versatile so that we can fit in at really light shows AND really heavy shows (such as metal). And personally, even though our music isn’t that heavy, I still like playing it to heavier crowds, it adds a much nicer energy to the whole show.


MA: You have recently released your debut album, The Machine, how has this been received by your fans and the general public?

Jeandre: Pretty great actually, we’ve put in way too much time, effort and money in to a debut album, but it pays off after you hear all the positive things people have to say. The whole album design looks, sounds and feels super professional (which is what we were aiming for) and people have really commended us on the whole presentation of our product. I just hope enough people get to experience the effort and story behind the album and the music.

MA: Where does the band look for the inspiration to write songs?

James: Lyrically the inspiration comes from experiences mixed in with an overly-active imagination.

Trent: We all listen to a wide variety of genres, which is great because we get inspiration from pretty much everything!

Jeandre: Whatever gives us goosebumps and makes our blood rush.

MA: Your music is very well crafted and cleverly put together, who is responsible for this?

Trent: We’re all very much involved in the song writing process, and there is always much discussion about different parts and arrangements. We’re not afraid of scrapping ideas and starting over, if need be.

Jeandre: Definitely the band as a whole’s responsibility. We all give our input and we don’t stop until each one of us is happy. This does cause fights and takes a lot of time to do BUT the end result is refined and unique.

MA: To date, what has been your most memorable moment as Set for the Sky?

James: Being mistaken for One Direction in public.

Jeandre: Walking into a tent at a festival not expecting there to be THAT many people. 2 seconds later my drummer turns around and looks at me with the exact same facial expression that I had. =O

MA: Are you currently working on any projects you would like to tell us about?

Jeandre: I think we are really just trying to get this album out as much as we can. So music videos, tours, acoustic renditions of songs, covers etc.
BUT there is always some sort of project in the pipeline.

MA: Where can people follow you?

Jeandre: Best way is Facebook and YouTube, We have a website as well and we are obviously everywhere else on the different social media platforms.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SetForTheSky

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQc2_Fwp_MUnej69BECQsA

Website: http://www.setforthesky.com/

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