[interview] RYKI Releases Debut Self-Titled EP

[interview] RYKI Releases Debut Self-Titled EP - Credit-Waldo-Pretorius

Photo Credit-Waldo Pretorius

Today, Friday 3 March, sees the official release of RYKI’s self-titled debut EP. RYKI released her latest single from the EP, THROW YOU DOWN, earlier this year. The EP also includes two previous radio singles, namely Please Try feat. Aewon Wolf (produced by Sketchy Bongo), and Time (produced by Deemo).

The EP took around 2 years to complete, seeing as RYKI wanted the right combination of songs for her followers. For the EP, she drew inspiration from the feelings she was experiencing at the moments in studio or from what the music made her feel. Whilst creating her sound and artistry, she aimed to make music that is real to who she is.

“Inspiration comes when you are at peace with yourself and the things around you. Love is the most common thing people can relate to and I wrote about it each time without noticing.”

For the EP, RYKI worked with a variety of producers: ’Throw You Down’, ‘What Could We’ and ‘Bad Intentions’ were produced by Bubele Booi and David Balshaw in-between trips to Cape Town and Johannesburg. ‘Wait With Her’ and ‘Please Try’ was recorded in Durban in 2015 and produced by the notorious hit maker, Sketchy Bongo, the same trip where she recorded ‘Time’ with fellow wolfpack member, Deemo. ‘Insomnia’ was written by the young and talented, Caleb Williams and produced by Ameen Harron on her last trip to Cape Town. ‘Such A Mess’ was technically her first single and was a collaboration with deep house heavyweight, Kyle Watson.

“From day one of recording to the last song we did for the EP, it was a journey to find myself as an artist. It is not only self-tilted because it is my first EP, but because this is me. This is how I sounded in each phase from 2015 to 2017. Yes, there are many songs that I wanted to add but these ones are Ryki. I want people to know that this is only the beginning for Ryki.”


RYKI EP Track Listing:

  1. Throw You Down
  2. Please Try (feat. Aewon Wolf)
  3. Insomnia
  4. What Could We
  5. Wait With Her
  6. Time
  7. Such A Mess (Radio Edit)(feat. Kyle Watson)
  8. Bad Intentions (feat. Manu WorldStar)
“I feel excited for people to hear this EP. I don’t need massive recognition. I just want it out there! It’s seemed scary at first because it’s like giving strange people a little piece of who you are, but if it makes at least three people feel good and they can relate, then I’m happy.”

Buy RYKI’s debut EP here on iTunes:

Interview: RYKI

[interview] RYKI Releases Debut Self-Titled EP - Credit-Waldo-Pretorius

Hey Ryki… how you doing? Its rad to be chatting to you.  Please would you give us a short background on your music journey? When did you start playing music? 

I started at a young age. I did competitions till I was about 15, few gigs here and there and been writing songs since I was 9. After school I decided that I wanted to study music production so that I can make music and sing to it so I started playing guitar and piano. I met a producer that wanted some vocals so I wrote on top of his tracks and recorded them. He sent it to Universal to promote his music and a week later they wanted to sign me as an individual artist. The opportunity fell into my lap. It was God given.

Where in SA do you come from?


What are some of your music influences growing up? Any bands or solo artists that you take inspiration from?

John Legend, Kimbra,Duffy and Amy Whinehouse’s vocal techniques and way of singing. I don’t have a huge range but I learned to work with the one I have. I recently discovered more artist that have a similar tone as mine like Alina Baraz, Lorde, Ellie Golding etc. but I believe that every artist needs to find inspiration within themselves so that there is an unending source of it not depending or comparing to anyone else. Inspiration comes when you’ve got peace with yourself and the things around you. I couldn’t be happier with the family, boyfriend and friends God blessed me with!

What have been some of your musical highlights thus far?

The first time my song got playlisted on 5fm, played on Trace, live tv/radio interviews and performing with Timo at huge festivals. Just breathing the first times in of everything with the people I love and you support me to carry on.

[interview] RYKI Releases Debut Self-Titled EP - Credit-Waldo-Pretorius

What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently?

I love the indie, band vibes and the hip-hop scene. I think local is growing more and more everyday towards better sound and better quality. We just need to stop comparing ourselves to artists overseas. The best thing you can be is you. Stop having a precise idea of how a song must sound and how to make it a hit. Just make music thats honest. I would like to see artist exceeding their limits and start being daring in their own way.

Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

I love Tresor! Amazing artist!

Your brand new EP will be released soon… what can we expect from this EP?

It’s a little piece of every phase so far in my journey so everything sounds different from each other but with the same vocal delivery and song writing style that’s true to me.

You also recently had a single out with TIMO ODV called Make You Love Me…. How did that collaboration come along?

I was contacted by my manager that he would like to work with me. I was so excited and felt honoured! We worked together in studio for a few months. We made two tracks and decided to go with MYLM. He did all the work and I just had to come in to record and layer vocals etc. I learned so much since I also want to be a producer who writes and sings on my own songs 

Anything else that you are currently working on the we may want to hear about?

I might be shooting a show soon but we’ll see what doors God will open when the time comes. Hopefully starting to do more live performances!

Where can we follow you on Social media?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rykimusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rykimusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rykimusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RykiVEVO

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