[interview] Punk N Roll – Good Luck Bar 2nd Birthday

[interview] Punk N Roll - Good Luck Bar 2nd Birthday

DJ / Drummer duo, Punk n Roll, are an exciting outfit that jam some feet tapping, head bopping tunes, with some live percussions in the background. Their live shows are super energetic and fun. Be sure to come out this weekend for the Good Luck Bar 2nd Birthday. We had a chat with Cath Grenfell ahead of the show, this is what she had to say:

Interview: Punk ‘n’ Roll

MA: Before we get started, can you please introduce us to Punk ‘n’ Roll? Who the members are of the group? Where do you come from in SA?

Punk N Roll is Jason Oosthuizen on drums and Cath Grenfell DJ’ing. Jason is originally from CT, but has been living in Joburg for a while and Cath is from Joburg and occasionally travels to CT.

MA: Can you give us a short background on the name Punk ‘n’ Roll?

Jason and I have known each other for years and we started chatting about a drum / DJ duo about 4 years ago. Eventually we managed to get our shit together and started Punk N Roll

MA: So you guys are a mix of Dj & Drummer.. Please give us some background in how that works?

I have been DJ’ing for many years and love playing music that make people dance. Jason loves to hit the drums as hard as possible and show off his skill. So basically, I play rad music and Jason makes it sound even better with some killer drums.

MA: What/Who are your musical inspirations?

I pretty much love all genres of music, and I love to dance, and see the crowd dance and be happy. So any tracks and any genres that get people moving is my inspiration.

[interview] Punk N Roll - Good Luck Bar 2nd Birthday

MA: Our local scene has been growing positively over the past few years… What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently?

I definitely think that the local music scene is growing, especially hip hop. I would love to see more people supporting rock music again. But everything happens in waves, and I think it will pick up again.

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

I am absolutely loving Southern Wild. They totally kill it both live and on their recorded tracks. Another couple of acts I love are Diamond Thug and Academie. Both extremely talented. I also love Apple Gule – super rad dance, pop tracks and his voice is incredible.

MA: You are playing at The Good Luck Bar 2nd Birthday… are you excited for this gig? What can we expect from your set?

We are super excited. Goodluck Bar has to be one of our favourite venues in SA and we have played there a couple of times and it has always been awesome. You can expect our set to be filled with awesome tracks that we keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning.


MA: Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

We are currently working on possibly adding a guitarist to come and do a track with us, but we still need to find time to rehearse that 🙂

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media? 

Facebook – PunkNRoll
Twitter – @PunknRollBand
Instagram – @punknrollband

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