[interview] PopArt Live : Chatting 2015 and the final Park Acoustics of the year.

[Interview] POP ART LIVE - On of the most exciting acts in SA!! credit: Guy-with-glasses-shoot

Photo credit: Guy With Glasses

2015 is rapidly coming to an end, and what a great year it has been. One act that popped onto the scene and was everywhere worth mentioning this year, was the talented duo POP ART LIVE. These gents have had a sensational 2015, playing shows all over the country. We have also gotten to know these legends personally, through events where we have booked them. Seeing as its the final Park Acoustics of 2015, we thought “why not bring one of the coolest acts that we hosted on the Cabin Fever Floor this year, back for the last show”, which is the reason why you will be seeing these gents performing this Saturday…we are very excited for this 😀

Lets catch up with them quickly, chatting about 2015 and the event this weekend:

Interview: POP ART LIVE

[Interview] POP ART LIVE - On of the most exciting acts in SA!! Sankeys

  • Hi guys… Im so amped to be chatting to you guys again! All good in the hood?
    • Yeah, all good. Can’t complain.
  • Its been little over 6 months from our last chat and loads has happened since then. Tell us how 2015 has treated you fine gentlemen??
    • We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve gotten for our live show. Its great to see so many people enjoying what we do as much as we do. The music we make and why we do it has really come through this year.
  • Are there any events/festival/shows that stick out above the rest? Give us a few of your favourite gigs this year.
    • It’s really been our year locally. We’ve played the shows we always dreamed of playing: Oppi was the highlight, Opening for Thomas Jack at Daisies, Park Acoustics, Truth and Arcade’s Halloween parties, Sexy Groovy Love, Lentadag, Origin in Durbs and Hot Day Out. And the years not over yet!

[interview] PopArt Live : Chatting 2015 and the final Park Acoustics of the year.

Pop Art Live at Rocking The Daisies, Beach Bar

[interview] PopArt Live : Chatting 2015 and the final Park Acoustics of the year.
Photo credit: Ty Campbell Barnes (above)

[interview] PopArt Live : Chatting 2015 and the final Park Acoustics of the year.

Pop Art Live at Park Acoustics, Cabin Fever Floor

  • Any special mention needed for certain event brands or promoters, that you guys think need to be given props for what they are doing for the industry?   
    • I think the country really needs to look out for everything that’s been happening in Pretoria lately. From the Trio Nova events to Park Acoustics to the great things happening at Arcade Empire and even the Lentadag production. The city has really stepped up in terms of high quality events with their unique brand of party people. And in JHB an honorable mention goes out to the Hot On Top guys for always bring the quality and professionalism to their bespoke events.
  • Who have been some of your favourite artists to play alongside this year?
    • Kiffness and Kyle Watson have been an absolute treat to play alongside and they’ve got some great music coming in the near future!
  • Ok, enough with what 2015 had to offer you lads… tell us, what can we expect from PopArt Live for the remaining of 2015 and for the new year?
    • Well we’ve got Sounds Wild with Crystal Castles (an absolute favorite), Park Acoustics of course, Rage Festival and we’ll be in Cape Town over Decmber playing some rad shows. Next year we’ll be going all out taking our live show to a new extreme that we’re excited to share with everyone.
  • Any plans for a EP/Album in the near future?? 
    • No album plans because we don’t think its time yet. We do however have really exciting collaborations with Kyle Watson and another with Nomadiq Ochestra. Other things in the pipeline are hush-hush 😉

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Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1642594389327471/

  • You guys will be playing at the last Park Acoustics of 2015, back on the Cabin Fever Floor…. are you guys amped for this gig? You surely put on one hell of a show the last time out!!
    • We couldn’t think of a better way to end our gigs for the year in Pretoria and are totally humbled to be able to play this show. I mean GOLDFISH?? (what more could we want!). We love the Cabin Fever dance floor it’s a always been welcoming to our sound and this show will be a huge thank you to the dancers and organizers for sticking with us this year.
  • Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?
    • Sol Gems have really blown us away psychedelic infused rock n roll. And there’s something about Vox Portent that’s been intriguing us lately. All these acts are definitely worth checking out. Munni Brothers were really cool at the Beach Bar at Daisies this year.
  • Tell us again… Where can we follow you on Social media?
  • Lastly, if you could perform at any international festival in the world… what would it be?
    • Coachella obviously! Or Listen Out in Aus. Or Glastonbury. Or Look Out in Croatia. F@$k we could go on!
  • Thanks for your time guys…!!

[interview] PopArt Live : Chatting 2015 and the final Park Acoustics of the year.

Photo credit: Henk Steyn Photography

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