[Interview] POP ART LIVE – One of the most exciting acts in SA!!

[Interview] POP ART LIVE - On of the most exciting acts in SA!! SankeysPOP ART LIVE, easily one of the best live acts in South Africa at the moment and two of the coolest guys you will ever meet. They bring something different to the table, with the genius production skills of Ricky, accompanied by the exciting vocal prowess of Martin, together forming a formidable combination that will have you waving your arms in the air.

Welcome to Pop Art

This is not about the music. It’s about a creative journey.
We’ve always said that we don’t do this (purely) for the music. We needed an outlet to express ourselves in more than words, and music is the channel we use to do this. Had it not been music, it would have been film, photography, or even sculpture.

The two of us, both so different as individuals, have combined to bring a hybrid of structure and spontaneity to each track, with the result lying before you. This is achieved through the differences in influences as Ricky, the backbone and foundations to the sound, is dance and house based having been a Dj for many years prior to Pop Art. Martin, who brings a more creative colour, stems from an indie electronic musical background that combined with the dance sound creates the hybrid Pop Art.

We could box ourselves as an electronic group, or call our music new aged disco, but there would be no point. We’ve left the door open so that if and when the day comes, we will not be judged against music in that specific genre, but rather on creative expression in each new melodic endeavor.

Do yourself a favour…play that funky music and open your ears, eyes and mind to the new sound.

Yours in boogie,

POP ART LIVE are all about making you boogey, so make sure that you head out to a club near you, to catch this exciting duo!! Here is a short interview we currently did with them, hope you enjoy!!

Interview: POP ART LIVE

[Interview] POP ART LIVE - On of the most exciting acts in SA!!  credit: Guy-with-glasses-shootPhoto credits: That Guy With Glasses

MA: Hello guys, how you guys doing? Its a pleasure to be chatting to you!!

Hey Hey!! Only a pleasure thanks for having us we are doing great.

MA: Before we get started, do you mind giving us a bit of background on how/where you guys met each other and how you guys came together to form Pop Art (LIVE)?

We met while in school, Ricky was throwing parties and Martin was begging him to play at them haha after school Martin went on to live in the UK and pursue a more indie band style whilst Ricky stayed in touch with house music. Ricky got hold of one of Martins vocal stems and decided to do a remix of it when Martin came back form the UK and heard it ‘Pop Art’ was born.

MA: Has it always been “musically” how you guys have connected? 

Definitely always music but we are also connected by our love for Redbull and bacon!!

MA: Would you say that your styles compliment each other?

We think thats what make us what we are, the fact that we are so different but can combine to create something completely unique and thats not a easy mix to get right.

MA: Tell us a bit more about the awesome name Pop Art (LIVE)??

We when we started making our first tracks we realised that all our music – no matter what we did was always very dance floor orientated but with a Pop structure and feel this is why we think our sound is very easily taken by both underground movements like Truth nightclub but we can adapt to even play a show at a wedding…which we’ve done recently!!

MA: Where do you guys take inspiration from, in your ‘sound’, locally or internationally??

We would have to say mostly internationally. From the beginning we took huge influence from Miguel Campbell who we were lucky enough to sign with on his label Outcross Records and also had the chance to go stay with him in Leeds last year and play one of the best clubs in the world Sankeys Manchester!! But Australia with artists like Chet faker and Flume and the French crew with the likes of Breakbot and Daft Punk have always been a huge influence on us.

[Interview] POP ART LIVE - On of the most exciting acts in SA!! Sankeys[Interview] POP ART LIVE - On of the most exciting acts in SA!! Sankeys

MA: 2014 was quite a busy year in general for the SA music scene, especially the house scene… What were some of your favourite moments from last year?

Some of our favourites moments have to be opening for Miguel Campbell at Truth nightclub, Its not every day you get to open for someone that is a massive influence to you as well as a good friend so that was amazing for us but also our trip to the UK was something that we can never forget and playing at Sankeys was just mind blowing and sweaty very sweaty!!

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene currently & where do you think it can still improve?

In terms of house, deep house and techno we feel like the SA scene is on the right track their are amazing artists, events and festivals popping up all over so growth is great at the moment. However we do feel like SA is missing a big electronic independent label something like Future classic in Australia or Black Butter records and Young Turks in the UK, These labels focus mainly on electronic music no matter the genre and them and their artists aren’t scared to push boundaries instead of just playing its safe with House music which is something we have always admired and we feel is missing here. Their are great artists and an event like CTEMF helps as a platform but we need a institution that scouts and grows these talents into worldwide successes like Future classic did for Flume etc.

MA: Any amazing new artists hit the scene that you think needs a special mention?

Leeu and Behr have really impressed us with their unique live shows and look out for a duo ‘Chasing Space’ they going to be coming through with some amazing material and live show soon.On the Dj side Dix from Cape town as always been a favourite for us as well and Tommy Gun with is fresh and energetic disco vibes.

MA: You guys will be rocking PTA & Arcade Empire for the first time this Saturday, 4th April. Are you excited to be coming to Pretoria for this one and what can we expect from your set?

We are balls deep in excitement to be playing our first show in PTA so we cant wait to make some new friends!! Expect a ton of energy and possibly Martin taking his shirt off depending on the flow of drinks.

No Curfew-4th April

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1622308214668210/

MA: Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

At the moment we are working on our Album which will be a true representation of the all the music that we love and influences. Also we have up coming Eps with the likes of Kyle Watson, Chasing Space and our homies from the UK Miguel Campbell and Matt Hughes coming soon!!

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?

You can find us on most social networks

MA: Thanks for your time, see you in PTA this weekend 😀 
Thanks for the interview guys see you and everyone in PTA, bring ur boogie pants!!
Photo creds: That guy with glasses, Sankeys night club Manchester

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