[interview] Pollinator – Rocking Out At Park Acoustics

[interview] Pollinator - Rocking Out At Park Acoustics _ Photo Credit: Christelle Duvenhage

The dawn of the pollen age! Pollen will take over and touch your stamens with some alternative rock goodness.

Date: Sunday, 26 November 2017
Venue: Voortrekker Monument, PTA
Entrance: R130 online at http://www.parkacoustics.co.za, R160 at the gate.
(Free for children under the age of 6, R15 per vehicle at entrance of nature reserve.)
Time: Gates open 10AM – 19h00PM
Line-Up: Grassy Spark, Shortstraw, PopArtLive, Femi Koya, Hellcats, Pollinator and Many More!
Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2zoo5KB

Southern Comfort Music Stage

11:00 Pollinator
12:05 Hellcats
13:15 Femi Koya
14:25 Grassy Spark
15:40 Shortstraw
16:45 PopArtLive

Interview: Pollinator

[interview] Pollinator - Rocking Out At Park Acoustics _ Photo Credit: Christelle Duvenhage

MA: Hello guys, how is everyone doing today? Great to be chatting to you…

We’re doing great and thanks for having us.

MA: Before we get started, can you please introduce us to the members of the band, Pollinator, and tell us who plays what part of the band?

Evert plays Guitar and Sings
Louise plays Bass and Sings
Tim plays Drums and Sings
We all write our songs together.
Evert records us and Louise mixes and masters our albums

MA: How/Where did you guys meet up to form the band?

Evert  and Louise started the band initially with a different drummer, and then they met Tim through a mutual friend. When the original drummer fell through Tim replaced him and we’ve been together since.

MA: Can you give us a short background on the name Pollinator?

Louise was watching a documentary about Signals in Nature and then the term Pollinator came up, Evert immediately though it was a great name for a band, and the rest is history.

MA: Where do you guys take inspiration from in your “sound”?   

Our main thing is that we play what we like.

If you want to break it down Evert has is the heavy rock  influence, Louise has the Pop influence and Tim has Jazz influence, We just mash our different styles together.

MA: Our local scene has been growing positively over the past few years… What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently?

The scene has never been better. We would just like to see more people support local music.

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Yes, Ruff Majik, Apocalypse Later, Mad God, Scarlotte Will, Midget Submarine, Stones and Gold, Strait-Jackal, Them Dirty Shrikes, Karaoke Machine of Death, Goat Throne and The Deadly Bites to mention a few.

MA: You are playing at the final park Acoustics of 2017, are you guys excited for this gig? What can we expect from the show?

We’re very excited, we’ve wanted to play at Park Acoustics for the longest time and we’re honored to be on their line up. Expect a lot of noise and a lot of love.

MA: Where can we follow you on social media? 

Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter, pretty much everywhere.

Photo Credits: Christelle Duvenhage

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