[Interview & Podcast] We catch up with Jullian Gomes. Find him rocking Trio Nova and Park Acoustics dance floors SOON!!!

Jullian Gomes at Trio Nova SUNSET SIZLA

Jullian Gomes is a young man that has made a big name for himself in the South African house music scene, with his incredible production, namely his latest album with UK heavyweight AtJazz, as well as for his abilities behind the decks. Touring all over SA and Europe over the past few years, this young man has surely cemented himself as one of our very best exports. The best part about all this, is that he is and will always stay, the humble, kind man he is!!! Jillian took time out of his busy schedule recently to record a very sexy deep podcast for the Trio Nova Sessions, as well as to answer a few of our questions. We hope that you enjoy!!!

Who is Jullian Gomes??

“Jullian Gomes, Portuguese Blood, South African Soul. Born and raised in Pretoria. Started Dj’ing and collecting Records back in 2003. Been into music since the very first time i heard it.”

You have been in the industry for quite some time now….what have been some of the challenges in the house scene over the years?

“I guess the ”lost in translation” regarding what real house music is. I think a couple of people have a wrong perception of what House Music is or what its about. For a lot of people its become more of a competition for who’s the best or who charges the Highest fee’s. The truth is it starts with Art and thats the only thing that really matters to me.”

You have had a pretty busy 2014… What were some of your favourite moments from last year?

“I would say Suncebeat Festival in Croatia was definitely a highlight for me, The crowed had so much energy and i always enjoy those”.

What are your thoughts of our local music scene, especially the house scene and how it grew in 2014?

“The scene is healthy but i do think that it’s going more underground these days and its kinda disappearing from being as big as it was in terms of hearing it on the radio or every 2nd car that drove passed. I think a lot of the youth these days have moved over to the local Hip Hop scene and House is being seen as taking the back seat. No matter where it go’s underground or on national radio the scene is big enough for everyone, We just need to keep it alive and pass it on.”

2014 saw some amazing new artists hit the scene, anyone that you think needs a special mention?

“There’s to many to mention, So many guys doing great music. You just have to find them.”

You are playing at the Trio Nova SUNSET SIZLA party and on the Cabin Fever Dance Floor at Park Acoustics at the end of this month. Are you excited for these show and what can we expect from the show?

“Yeah, Most definitely. You know ill be my usual self. Just dropping the music i feel and having a good time with my people.”
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How was the response to your album with AtJazz that you released last year?
“The response was great, We really happy we could do something different and still have it hit the people the way it did. We truly grateful and look to the future to continue pushing the boundary.”
Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?
“I have a remix dropping soon, Its a remix i have done for Atjazz & Oveous ”Soldiers” Look forward to that being out other than than i have a few thing brewing.”

Where can we follow you on social media?

Thanks for your time, see you at Trio Nova & Park Acoustics 😀 


Trio Nova presents: SUNSET SIZLA – 28th Feb

Park Acoustics – Cabin Fever Dance Floor – 1st March

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