[interview] Pedro Barbosa – Solo and Flying high

[interview] Pedro Barbosa - Solo and Flying high

Singer/songwriter, born in Maputo, Pedro discovered his love for Music at an early age but never knew this would turn out to be his career until he was 20 years old. He has done a 3 year National Diploma course in Jazz, Performance and Sound Technology. After this he went to Los Angeles where he studied for a short period of time at the well known Musicians Institute, where he studied Professional songwriting and Production.

After returning to South Africa he formed a Rock band called Mrs. B and in 2006 recorded their first album. The band went on to record another 3 albums and was signed by Sting/EMI on a 3 album deal, but the band split up in 2013, by then Pedro was already doing some solo cover shows and started The Barbosa Experience as he felt every time he stepped on stage it was a different experience. The I GOT NO MONEY album with the Barbosa Experience and featured renown Brazilian Harmonica player Pablo Fagundes in one of the songs in the album.

The album was released in late 2016.

In January 2017 Pedro decided he wanted to record a few songs with a more international flavour and with higher standards than his previous recordings so he approached Mark Beling, well known Producer in South Africa and who is also a SAMA (South African Music Association) winner. Mark had been wanting to work with Pedro for many years and the two started working on some of Pedro’s songs, in the end a 10 track album was recorded, the album will be launched in September 2017. Pedro believes this is his best work, and Mark pushed him vocally and emotionally to get the best out of this album, according to him this is the best collaboration he has ever experienced with a Producer.

Pedro is well known in SA for his electrifying Performances and crowd engagement. Known for creating a great Party atmosphere. However with his new album instead of going for the Party type of sound he decided to go for more heart and soul and the Album became a more Adult contemporary type of album. Rich in heartfelt Melodies and Groove.

Pedro is still based in South Africa but wants to expand his Horizons. So him and Mark are trying to get Licensing deals for the new album in Europe.

Pedro is know amongst his fans as a Kind self assured confident big guy. Loved by many for his captivating Stage Presence and wide vocal range. He is a respected Musician in the South African Music Scene.

Interview: Pedro Barbosa

[interview] Pedro Barbosa - Solo and Flying high

MA: Hey Pedro, rad to be chatting to you, how you doing?

Hey hey. Great to be chatting you guys. I’m doing great, thanks!

MA: Can we start with a quick 101 on who PEDRO BARBOSA, the musician, is? Where in SA are you from and how did you get started in the music scene?

Pedro Barbosa, that is me yes 🙂 I was born in Mozambique and moved to SA in 2000 to study Jazz, been living in Pretoria since then. I am a avid lover of songwriting and cuddles! It all started with a band called Mrs. B , man years ago I think around 2003, we started the band for a school project and then we got booked to play a venue called Sting in Midrand and then we split up as Bradley our drummer moved to England. But in 2006 I decided to record a album with Mrs. B and he came back and we stepped into the rock industry. Mrs. B split up in 2013 I think and I started another project called the Barbosa Experience where we play African Latin island reggae Pop vibes. And I do a lot of solo gigs as well. That is pretty much me.

MA: You have been part of the scene for many years, being part of various bands and now doing your own solo project. What are/have been your main musical influences over the many years? 

Johnny Clegg, Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20 and mainly LIFE! as in my life experiences. In regards to particular artists its hard for me. I’m bipolar when it comes to music, I might have a playlist with Rage Against The Machine and the next song is Backstreet Boys! I know weird and some will judge me for that, but I don’t care, I enjoy a wide spectrum of music, and they all touch me in a different way. But I owe a lot of who I am to the industry around me. Great musicians in SA that inspire you and challenge you to become better as a musician and as a person. I value those a lot.

MA: Do you have any major highlights in your musical career thus far?

Yeah one of the highlights that I can remember was opening for Oliver Mtukudzi in Ethiopia for a AU show. Also playing for over 35000 people for a SAB show in Meyerton, I think quite a few years back that was with my old band Mrs. B. We played after The Parlotones and it was an amazing stage. More recently in 2007 I did short tour to Brazil and played with a band there called Passo Largo and Pablo Fagundes, we also recorded 4 of my original songs and it was really a great experience some of the best musicians I had the pleasure to share the stage with.

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?

I think the industry is growing fast, more and more acts are going oversees which is great, there is evolution in music as well. I mean Dan Patlansky for example is making big waves oversees. I still feel though we’re not in the standard of oversees productions. There are very few producers with International standard in SA. And to access them is also hard as its quite expensive. So there is a major gap in the industry in regards to that in my opinion, yet I feel there is great talent in terms of musicians.

[interview] Pedro Barbosa - Solo and Flying high
MA: Any acts/bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

Yes for sure!! Mark Beling my number one, one of my favourite producers in the country and I had the pleasure of working with, also Andy Innes from Johnny Clegg I had the pleasure of recording some stuff for him and he has become an inspiration for me on work ethics and talent. an amazing person as well.

I am a big fan of Johnny Clegg. Dan Patlansky, Roan van Ash, there used to be a band called Bell Jar, Wonderboom, The Narrow, Rubber Duc to name a few… Really enjoy these bands and more…

MA: You have just released your very first solo album, called REBORN, what can we expect from your new music?  

Honesty! I expressed a lot of real emotion on this album, the lyrics are very expressive and the music complements that. Its a deep album and very close to my heart, in a adult contemporary vibe, but you feel some elements of Rock, Pop, African Soul Funk and R&B in it. I suppose the styles that influenced me during the period while I was writing the songs. The album starts with a more upbeat vibe and ends on slow songs kind of like a journey. Its weird for me to describe the album, I think everyone that listens relates to it differently that is the great thing about music.


MA: Anything else you currently working on that we may be interested in?

Yes, a few projects actually. Stephan R and Night Angle is a project dear to my heart. We play with a 15 year old autistic drummer and the idea of the project is to show and create awareness for the possibility of integration of people with autism in society. We don’t play often but when we do its a major production. Also I’m planning to release two singles with the Barbosa Experience in October 2018. But I’m not gonna give too many details on that.

MA: Where can people follow you on Social Media?

The easiest is facebook www.facebook.com/PedroBarbosaMusician/
And if you like pictures on Instagram I’m on as @pedrobarbosamusician.

I don’t tweet well unfortunately but if you into that @godulas on Tweeter.

MA: Thanks for your time!

Thanks a lot. Appreciate you taking the time to get to know me bit 🙂

*** Photo Credit: Greyline Photography ***

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