[interview] P-Kuttah – Maribou State Cape Town/Johannesburg

[interview] P-Kuttah - Maribou State Cape Town/Johannesburg

One of the local acts that will be playing at both events featuring international sensation, Maribou State, this December, is the talented P-Kuttah. You can catch him at both the CT and JHB events. We caught up with him for a short chat, this is what he had today:

Tour Dates: 

Date: Friday, 8 December 2017
Venue: Mercury Live Lounge
Entrance: R250
Time: 8PM
Line-Up: Felix Laband, Christian Tiger School, PHFat, Akio, DJ Lag, Kidfonque, Nonku Phiri, P-Kuttah

Date: Saturday, 9 December 2017
Venue: The Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg
Entrance: R250
Time: 8PM
Line-Up: Felix Laband, Christian Tiger School, PHFat, Akio, DJ Lag, Kidfonque, Nonku Phiri, P-Kuttah

Interview: P-Kuttah

[interview] P-Kuttah - Maribou State Cape Town/Johannesburg
  • Hey Dude, You well? Good to be chatting to you. 

Im good thank you. Glad to be here chatting with you guys.

  • Would you please give us a short 101 on who P-Kuttah the artist, musician is? Where in sunny SA do you come from?

P-Kuttah is a DJ, Turntablists, Beatmaker & Live Performance artist. I was born in PMB but grew up in Jozi before spending a few years in Durban then relocated back to Jozi in 2011. I am also apart of the coolest events company Kool Out Concepts alongside Akio Kawahito, DJ Speedsta & Banesa Creative & 1/3 of the new age concept band S.T.T.A. (Sampling Through The Ages).

  • Was music always an influence growing up? What genre of music did you grow up to?

Yes it was. I come from a very musical family. My father Roy Petersen was an accomplished Jazz musician in SA & my brothers Shaun & Bjorn Petersen are well recognised drummers in the country. I played drums as a child before moving onto DJing. DJing was like 2nd nature to me as my drumming background helped me pick up mixing quickly (as its all about keeping a beat). I later became interested in turntablisim & the art of DJing from watching DJ’s like Ready D, Blaze & Bionic. From then I knew that DJing was what I truly wanted to pursue professionally & become a full time Hip Hop DJ.

I grew up listening to multiple genres like Jazz, Blues, RnB, Rap, Rock, Soul & Disco.

  • Can you give us a short background on the name P-Kuttah?

I used to go by the alias Pay-Per_Kut back in the early 2000’s but then I realised there were 2 other DJ’s that went by the same name. The spelt theirs differently but people would always confuse us & credit us for one another’s work. So one day I decided a change might be the best idea to help differentiate myself from the others & be my own artist & not be compared to any one else. So P-Kuttah was born which is actually still Pay-Per_Kut just made shorter. I got the idea from the producer J Dilla who is one of my all time favourite producers. He used to go by the name Jay Dee but also changed his so he wouldn’t be confused with So So Def founder & producer Jermaine Dupre who was also known as JD. So I looked at that & thought “Pay_Pay-Kut – P-Kuttah.”

  • How would you describe you music selection in 5 words?

My music selection is very diverse as I play multiple genres but its the effort I put into my sets that make them interesting. If I had to choose 5 words to best describe it I would say Creative, Original, Entertaining, Skilful & Vibrant. I pride myself in being the complete DJ when it comes to my skill set & not just a DJ that only plays & mixes music.

[interview] P-Kuttah - Maribou State Cape Town/Johannesburg

  • What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment, especially targeted at your market? Is there anything you wish to see happen differently? 

I think the industry is booming at the moment especially within my market (Hip Hop). When I started my Hip Hop career professionally we would dream of the day major corporates would take interest in local Hip Hop & now you see acts like AKA,Cassper Nyovest Emtee & Riky Rick being backed by these companies with multi-million rand deals. SA Hip Hop has come a long way since its inception in the late 80 early 90’s.

I think the only thing I would wanna see differently is artist taking their brands more seriously & learn to correctly manage their careers. The corporate backing is always good because it comes with good money but using it in the right way is what we as artist have to learn in SA. The music industry is a tough & tricky industry to get involved in. You got to have tough skin & the right mentality to deal with all the BS the game brings but at the same time there is plenty of opportunity out here you just got to learn to adapt to it & make it work for you. 

  • Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Yeah there is plenty of talent out here that doesn’t really get the recognition they deserve. Acts like Youngsta CPT, Ginger Trill, Raheem Kemet, Ricco, Kandy Koated Music, Uno July the list is endless even DJ’s like Akio, Raiko, Shamless, Ryan The DJ, Skinniez, Nomadik, Leon,Tha Cutt, Soosh I can keep going. The problem is we as South Africans have become so brainwashed by TV & radio that we let them dictate what is dope & what isn’t but if we actually took more time to go out there & search for new talent & sounds, we would actually realise that what there is so much dopiness out there. We need to stop relying on the media & do the research yourself because most if the time the media don’t know whats hot or not?

  • You are on a super impressive bill for the MARIBOU STATE Live events going down in SA this year. Are you as excited as we are for this one? What can we expect from your set at the gigs?

Oh Hell Yeah!!!

I love being apart of events like this that are about the music & artists as opposed to it just being a party. Shout out to Melos South Africa for putting this showcase together.
You can expect a high energy & entertaining set with live mash ups & beats with my MPC & of course scratches.
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  • Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

I’m currently working on my solo project as well as my band’s debut album for 2018. My crew Kool Out also have some BIG events coming up for the end of 2017 & we got 2018 on lock. Watch This Space!!!

  • Where can we follow you on Social media?

You can find me on Twitter & Instagram on @P_Kuttah & FaceBook under Verdine P-Kuttah Petersen.

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