[interview] OOOTH ‘Who Cares What You Think’ + FREE Album Launch!


Date: Monday, 26 November 2018
Venue: Rivonia Barnyard, Johannesburg
Time: 8PM
Tickets: FREE / R150 VIP (Includes Album)
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: https://www.barnyardtheatre.co.za / http://bit.ly/2NltA4q
Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2MH7eoO

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Interview: OOOTH

[interview] OOOTH 'Who Cares What You Think' + FREE Album Launch! Credit: Christelle Duvenhage

MA: Hey Jason, how you doing? It’s rad to be chatting to you mate. 

Hey Hey. Thanks for chatting again.

MA: To start off, do you mind giving us a quick 101 on who Jason Oosthuizen, the musician, is? Where in SA are you from and how did you get started in the music scene?

I’m from Cape Town and started playing drums at the age of four years old. My dad was a full time drummer when I was growing up so I guess I just followed in his footsteps naturally. I’ve played with many local bands such as Van Coke Kartel, Die Heuwels Fantasties, The Narrow, Albert Frost, Fokofpolisiekar, Lost&Found, The Black Cat Bones to name a few. I also have three tribute shows that I do at theaters around the country along with a drum company and a clothing line. I have also lived in Los Angeles for a while doing American shows, tour and session work which was a bucket list.

MA: What are some of your musical influences and interests?

To be honest I have done so much session work in the last few months that all I have been doing is listening to the songs I need to learn along with Oooth mixes. But I’m more a fan of the older rock stuff when I had time to sit down and listen to music.

MA: Do you have any major highlights in your musical career thus far?

All the bands I played in and opened for as well as the ones I am currently working with are all highlights in their own way. I think where I am at the moment is a personal highlight for me as I am growing my brand and enjoying every aspect of it.

[interview] OOOTH 'Who Cares What You Think' + FREE Album Launch! Credit: Christelle Duvenhage
MA: You have so many rad things coming up, lets first chat about your upcoming debut solo album as frontman for Oooth…. Tell us a bit more about your new project and what we can expect from this debut album?

I started this project as I wanted to do something different and something for myself. It has been an exciting challenge to take on the guitar and lead vocals as well. When I started this, a lot of people thought i was crazy and wasting my time, I still did it anyway. The songs are also all based on my life experiences, my thoughts and feelings and how I interpret things.  So taking all of this into consideration, what people think of this project or what I do, will really not change any of this, so who cares what people think. This is for me, I just chose to share my love for music and music-making.

MA: Also, in July you launched your own signature snare drum range, entitled J.O Drums. Tell us how this cam about? PS: The snare drum range is super styling dude!! 

I created the snare drum purely for myself and my love for drums, plus my addiction for snare drums collecting. After creating it, I felt it was just too cool not to share. All the products created so far is to my taste, what I would feel most comfortable playing with and the look and feel I like. All I hope is that other drummers can get that same feeling from them. It is a completely unique, niche product, one-of a kind and even though there are more than one of each item, each one is still handmade, so they get to have their very own, unique product. J.O. Drum was launched In July 2018, with my own signature snare drum range. It is the first of its kind in Africa where everything besides the skins on it, have been made from scratch in one place. The J.O Drums are 100% handmade from start to finish; their focus the production of a snare that connects with the player who purchases it. It’s about the craftsmanship and connection you get when owning one. J.O Drums also recently launched a Bass Drum Beater, Hi Hat Clutch, PK Drum and Acrylic Snare Drum and plan to launch a full J.O Drumkit in this year still, all firsts for Africa. The plan is to take J.O. Drums to NAMM, the largest Music Equipment Distribution Expo in the world. This is still in progress, but will hopefully be finalised soon.

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?

Rock bands in South Africa is already a unique and niche product as there are not many that can pull it off and keep going at it for so many years. Some big names have also changed genres to more mainstream pop music to move up in the industry, but there are a few legends doing it for 20+ years, but currently rock is not necessarily the most popular genre in South Africa. South Africa is however so full of talent and variety of genres, that it definitely keeps our country and industry exciting. I just wish there would be more support for local music.

MA: Any acts/bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

All the guys I am currently working with on all my projects and those who supported me especially with Oooth. You know who you are.

MA: Anything else you currently working on that we may be interested in?

My life is pretty music and I am fortunate enough to be able to have 3 Tribute bands that are touring non-stop, I do drum recordings for other artists at my home studio, traveling with my duo rock band, Lost&Found to places like Hong Kong and Taiwan, my own clothing line, coffee brand and drum company all took off this year as well. J.O. Drums are also far ahead of what we planned and I look forward to introducing my products at NAMM next year. This is definitely not all as I am always working on something new that will better my brand and the projects I am working on. 

[interview] OOOTH 'Who Cares What You Think' + FREE Album Launch! Credit: Christelle Duvenhage
MA: Where can people follow you on Social Media?



MA: Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the chat.

Photo Credit: Christelle Duvenhage

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