[interview] Omar Morto – Grietfest 2016 bringing nations together!

[interview] Omar Morto - Grietfest 2016 bringing nations together!

We are merely days away from one of the dopest events of the calendar year in the South African music scene. I am referring to the epicness that is GRIETFEST, which is undoubtably the coolest electronic festival in our country!! This year will be the second time that it will be hosted at the container yard in downtown Johannesburg, which makes for the perfect setting for electronic music to blossom. We have been given the honour to chat to a duo called Omar Morto, which are two producers from opposite ends of the world (SA & USA), coming together to bring something super unique to our eardrums. Lets see what these gents had to say:

Interview: Omar Morto

[interview] Omar Morto - Grietfest 2016 bringing nations together!

  • Before we get started, can you please introduce us to Omar Morto, tell us where you come from?

On the first question, Omar Morto is a project started by two producers on two separate continents, one based in Cape Town, South Africa, and the other in Richmond, Virginia, in the U.S. Omar Morto, was formed after the two of them collaborated on anopther mutual project and found similar musical tastes. Omar Morto is, or was aimed at being an anonymous project, with the focus solely on the music made, and not the personalities of the people involved. That’s why Omar Morto as a personality on stage is a blend of his two parent musicians.

  • Can you describe the genre of music you play?

The music we make and play, is influenced in a very big way by what’s called the ‘club’ music scene in the States. So Jersey, Baltimore and Philly Club music has a major impact on what we make. At the same time, a big contributor to actually getting Omar off the ground was our mutual love for 90s R&B music, and the way that it’s seeped into popular music again over the last few years.

  • Can you give us a short background on the name Omar Morto?

The name Omar Morto is a continuation of one of our former projects, it’s a translation of that name. It’s always had this sexiness to it, I guess, an air of mystery, because ‘mort’ and ‘morto’ in french and portugese mean dead, but then we make this sensual, airy, sexy music. We loved the juxtaposition between the name and the sound.

  • Where do you take inspiration from in your “sound”?

Omar Morto takes inspiration from everywhere. It’s a concerted effort we make to be in the know on what’s bubbling in the underground, and what our favourite artists are doing. Pop, and rap music are big sources of inspiration as well, because certain sounds become popular because there is some kind of audible value to them. The ‘think break’ we use in most of our tracks is a sound that has become the basis for so many genres, it’s one of those iconic sounds, and that’s why we love using it.

  • What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 

The South African music scene is lit right now. We’re on the precipice of a golden era in South African popular music, dance, hip hop, house music is bigger than ever. We’re in a really good place right now. The only thing I wish could happen is people investing their time and money into music infrastructure, when money is spent, scenes grow.

  • Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Local acts that need a mention … definitely the homie ANG, she’s been a source of inspiration and support from day one; Sloani deserves a mention, he’s floating under the radar but he’s one of the greatest untapped producers we have in Cape Town; the whole BUTTER collective, which I’m a part of, needs a shout, those boys work hard and they make amazing music.

Olmeca Presents: GRIETFEST 2016 - Mixed Apples

  • You are playing at GRIETFEST 2016, which is the raddest electronic event of the year. Are you amped for this event? What can we expect from your set?

Yes! I am so amped. To be honest before there was Grietfest, back in the days of MK I yearned for the day I could play at a Griet event. This will be first time there but hopeful I set the dancefloor on fire hot enough for me to come back again soon.

  • Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

Currently i’m working on quite a number of tracks. One specific one I’m very keen on sharing is a track with Sloani called ‘Always’, it’s a track I’d forgotten about for nearly a year, and after spending a few days together we came out with a club track with orchestral and baile funk influences. Other than that I’ve got a track coming out on DRK&LVLY soon called ‘Astral Bodies’. Last year we dropped a track called ‘Daffy’ and we’re thinking of doing a young video for it.

  • Where can we follow you on Social media?

You can find me on at https://www.facebook.com/omarmortomusictwitter.com/omarmorto, @omarmorto on Instagram and then most importantly soundcloud.com/omar-morto on Soundcloud, where you can find all of our releases.

  • Thanks for your time…!!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to do this interview, I can’t wait to meet the Griet crew and throw down hard in the paint!

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