[interview] OH ROXY – THIS IS ME – Debut Single Out Now!

[interview] OH ROXY - THIS IS ME - Debut Single Out Now!


The David Gresham Record Company is proud to introduce Cape Town’s newest alternative pop act – OH ROXY.

“The retro siren” is 21-year-old Roxy McVean – very much a millennial, but she comes from another era, the cool 50’s. Originally from hot sunny Durban, on the east coast of South Africa, Roxy moved to Cape Town to follow her dreams in music, where she majored in vocals at COPA (Campus of Performing Arts), after which she auditioned for Idols South Africa, where she placed in the Top 9 of Season 10.

Towards the end of 2015, Roxy found producer Kamil Govender, where she began her writing process and a couple of weeks later OH ROXY had lit up! OH ROXY is new to the South African music business, but promises something very different with unique songs to get you up and vibing!

OH ROXY signed a global artist and publishing deal with internationally renowned South African independent record company David Gresham Records in February 2016 and her debut single THIS IS ME is released today!

Buy THIS IS ME on iTunes here!

Interview: OH ROXY
[interview] OH ROXY - THIS IS ME - Debut Single Out Now!

  • Hey Roxy… it is such a pleasure to be chatting to you… are you doing well??
Such a pleasure to be chatting to you too! I am doing fantastic! Life is just kiff!
  • Please can you tell us who OH ROXY is, where in beautiful SA are you from and what made you want to become a pop artist?
Oh Roxy is an alternative pop band from Cape Town, South Africa. Myself and producer Kamil Govender are the two members. Our sound is very local with a bit of strange thrown in the mix. When I started studying at COPA and I got on stage for the first time at a practical exam and performed Song 2 by Blur – I knew that performing would be something I’d wanna do for the rest of my life! So I pursued a career in music.
  • You have just released your first single, called THIS IS ME. What can we expect from this track and are there more singles, and possibly an album, to look forward to in the near future? 
‘This is Me’ is a very special song! Most of it is written in minor so it’s already something different  compared to your normal pop songs. Just think good vibes and lots of feet tapping. We’re currently working on an EP which should be released by the end of April. Every song on there is completely different. Bringing in lots of our music influences like African, Native American, Some electro, rock n roll, etc.
  • Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?
We’re about to finish a really rad song called ‘Hella’ ; it’s got some epic beats and vocal ranges in there. Trying to put in as much of my bass voice as possible. This is our more Native American inspired song. It’s super different and we’re hoping it works and that people love it!
  • Where can we follow you on Social media?

Social media! I’m actually terrible at it. But I’ve become a heck of a lot better with posting, haha! You can follow Oh Roxy on Facebook, as well as @ohroxymusic on Twitter and Instagram. I post lots of pictures of my cat. Be prepared. Best homie ever.

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