[interview] No. 3 Fransen Street – Big House Craft Beer Fest – 19th September

[interview] No. 3 Fransen Street - Mixed Apples feature

No. 3 Fransen Street is a small local brewery based in Krugersdorp. They are a manual “hands on” brewery with 3 craft beers on offer. They will be one of the breweries at this weekends BIG HOUSE BEER FEST and they are very excited. We had a short chat with them about No. 3 Fransen Street and the festival this Saturday, this is how it went down:

Interview: No. 3 Fransen Street

[interview] No. 3 Fransen Street - Mixed Apples feature

  • Good day guys… pleasure to be chatting to you!

Thank you

  • Would you mind giving us a quick introduction to No. 3 Fransen Street  where you are from and how it all got started?

No 3 Fransen Street is a small manual “hands on” brewery situated in Fransen St Chamdor, Krugersdorp. I am from Pretoria and have been in brewing for 12 years (4 as a student and 8 with SAB) so when I was asked to join the Fransen St team it was a terrific opportunity for me to indulge in my passion of creating great beers. The brewery was opened in 1997  as a small facility to test new beers and flavours for the South African market. And  to brew small batch speciality beers for festivals etc.

  • How many years has No. 3 Fransen Street been around for?

On and off since 1997

[interview] No. 3 Fransen Street - Mixed Apples feature

  • What are the beers that you offer at your brewery?

At the moment we offer 3 beers a Cream Ale, Irish Red Ale and Krystal Weiss Beer

  • What have been some of the major challenges for your brewery over the years?

Breaking down peoples mind-sets about SAB and Craft beer, we are often seen as the bad guys. Now we want to show the public that we have some of the best brewers around who are capable of producing varying styles of great beer in small batches. We are also subject to the same challenges as other small breweries who brew small scale production volumes.

  • Micro-Breweries and locally made beer is fast becoming in demand and highly attractive. How have you seen the change in mind-set of local South Africans over the years?

People are becoming more discerning and specific about what they want. At the same time more willing to try new flavours and experiences. What this has done has allowed a myriad of great South African Craft Brewers to grow. People are embracing the festivals and everything that goes with it, food, music and entertainment. This has been great for growing overall beer culture and beer appreciation in South Africa.


  • You will have a stand at the BIG HOUSE Craft Beer Festival in Pretoria, are you guys excited for this? 

I am stoked, it gives us an opportunity to showcase what we brew and talk to the public, who without, none of this would be possible. I get a chance to share my passion and love for beer with fellow beer lovers and meet other brewers and interesting folk.

  • Let’s make a prediction… which of your beers would be the best seller on the day?

Irish Red Ale

  • Thanks you for your time….

A pleasure

[interview] No. 3 Fransen Street - Mixed Apples feature

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