[interview] Native Young – Playing alongside Jeremy Loops at Park Acoustics – 11th March

[interview] Native Young - Playing alongside Jeremy Loops at Park Acoustics - 11th March

Photo Credit: Anke Loots

Independent pop artist. Music is my medicine, my vehicle… it’s everything really

We got to chat with this talented homie, Native Young, who is one of the dope acts playing at a Park Acoustics on Sunday 11th March, alongside the legendary Jeremy Loops. This is what they had to say:

Interview: Native Young

[interview] Native Young - Playing alongside Jeremy Loops at Park Acoustics - 11th March

Photo Credit: Leigh Groenemeyer

MA: Hey dude, rad to be chatting, how you doing?

Doing stellar thanks!

MA: Do you mind starting with a quick 101 on who Native Young is?

Native Young is an alias created by myself (Yannick). It’s essentially my vehicle to collaborate with a rotating collection of musicians around South Africa and Europe who I work with to perform my music in a live context.

MA: Where in SA are you from and how did you get started in the music scene?

I’m from Cape Town and really only started messing around with music about 6 years ago when I began teaching myself guitar off Youtube… that progressed into learning how to write and produce my own songs – mainly through a lot of experimenting and turning my bedroom into a makeshift studio. Once I finished a bunch of demos I went hunting for musicians to perform the music live with which has connected me with a wide range of talented people that I am blessed to call my musical family.

MA: What are some of your musical influences?

Tame Impala, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Bon Iver, Paul Simon

MA: Do you have any major highlights in your musical career thus far?

There are actually too many to mention – the major highlight is the fact that I’m able to wake up each day and do what I love – music is everything to me.

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?

It’s at an interesting stage of development – people are slowly starting to pick up the standard and push the envelope. I’m excited to see where it all goes.

MA: Any acts/bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

My right hand man’s band Mmino! Also Tidal Waves – legendary!


MA: You will be playing at a SOLD OUT Park Acoustics event this month…. Are you excited for the gig? What can we expect from your set?

Yeah we are super excited to return to Pretoria – you can expect the smoothest motherf*&king vocals you’ve ever heard (We’ve been working really hard on our harmonies)

MA: Anything else you currently working on that we may be interested in?

I’m currently finishing up some remixes for Native Young that I’ll be releasing this year under my own name Yannick Wilde. I’m also finishing up demos for a new EP which will drop early next year – REALLY excited to share that one.

MA: Where can people follow you on Social Media?


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