[interview] Miki San Tzu chats to us ahead of TNH at Arcade Empire this weekend!!

[interview] Miki San Tzu chats to us ahead of TNH at Arcade Empire this weekend!!

Mike San Tzu is a MC/Hype Man that can be found at all the sickest Drum n Bass parties in the country. This man brings his very own flavour to the every event, bringing down the house!! We caught up with the man just ahead of his involvement at the TNH (tomorrow never happened) event at Arcade Empire. Check what he had to say:

[interview] Miki San Tzu chats to us ahead of TNH at Arcade Empire this weekend!!

MA: Hey there man, thanks for your time… Please can you introduce yourselves and tell us where are you from? 

I am the Shogun.
I am the East Coast Warlord.
I am Miki San Tzu.MA: Can you give us a bit of background on how you got started in music and becoming a slick rick hype man? 😉

About 5 years ago I found myself in Port Elizabeth with some time on my hands.
I met up with this guy on the internet named TJ and eventually founded a group called Guns N Lazers with him and Skullmonkey.
I was just organising events at this point and eventually TJ asked me to rap during his glitch-hop dj set.
I freaked out but that was the start…
Since then I’ve put the hours in and MC’d for just about every DNB DJ worth their salt in the Republic.
MA: Besides the hype side of things… do you DJ or produce too??
I have been known to DJ here and there.
When it comes to playing music out its a super intimate thing for me.
Music over all is its own language so a DJ set for me is like a monologue.
Artistically its me speaking in a foreign language trying to convey an emotional state.
So my sets vary in genres and bpm structures.
Some of its dance orientated.
Some of its very experimental.
MA: What have been your biggest influences and inspirations in your music journey thus far?
Biggest influence is undeniably my sister.
She broke me into left of centre music at an earlier age.
I was listening to Roni Size, Wu-Tang Clan, Ed Rush and Optical, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, RATM etc
when I was like 14 years ago
So my understanding of electronic music comes from a DNB culture of the late 90’s early 2000’s
Thats a tough one.
Firstly, pioneers in any field.
Musically, African Dope Records kicked in the door for all of us.
I love people that do it first.
People can do it better as technical perfection comes with practice.
But for me the real inspirational part of any creative person is when they are truly creative.
So I am inspired by new things, ideas, perspectives, mistakes.
[interview] Miki San Tzu chats to us ahead of TNH at Arcade Empire this weekend!!
MA: What has you most excited about the local music scene at the moment?
I love how things are accelerating.
So much local content coming out that is actually worth while listening to.
All these young gun producers dropping bombs on the daily.
MA: What has been some of your highlights in your musical journey thus far?
Like I said I’ve been around 😀
Too many shows that were amazing for different reasons.
I love collaborations with people.
Collaboration breeds innovation; as I say.
In 2011 I put together a tour called “Where the Wild Things Tour”
On this tour we had the most ridiculous roster :
Bruce Willis??
King Rat
Das Kapital
Guns N Lazers
We linked up and did a 21 day, 14 show road trip.
Its as scummy, it was dirty.
To be honest it was barely organised.
I kind of just rolled the dice on a few shows with some great acts and it kind of worked out.
We made zero cash.
We launched careers, partnerships and organisations that exist to this day.
Check out the trailer for a video we never made.
MA: What dont you leave the house without?
Backpack Contents
MacBook Pro
NIXON Stylus Headphones
NIXON Blaster
MA: What album is blaring in your car or home stereo right now?
Alix Perz – BBC 1 Essential Mix
Maramza – Future Sounds of Mzanzi Mix
 Wu -Tang Clan – Enter the 36 Chambers
MA: You will be doing your thing at the next TNH event… what can we expect from you on the night?
To be honest Im not sure.
Like I said I like new stuff so we will hopefully do something fresh and mind bending.
Here is some of my previous colabs.
MA: Anything that you are working on that we might be interested in?
I have some on going collaborations with Phizicist[PTA], Skullmonkey[PE], Le Prezident[Togo], Lazersharkk[CPT]
I have just started a new project with Menticide.
Its kind of an experimental DNB project. Not too much on this but keep it locked.
There are also plans for me to do a one man musical theatre show for the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown next year. We will see how that goes…
MA: Where can people follow you?
Photo credits: Byline: Jono Ferreira/Lexar

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