[interview] Michael Lesar will be dropping some swing at One Sight Acoustics – 30th Oct

[interview] Michael Lesar will be dropping some swing at One Sight Acoustics - 30th Oct-Photo Credit: Coert-Wiechers

The legend of swing and super rad dude, Michael Lesar, will be playing this Sunday at One Sight Acoustics, alongside TRESOR official The Kiffness Al Bairre. This event is hosted for a good cause but will get you jamming like none other 😀

Helping The Cause:
It is only thanks to the efforts of our fine sponosrs that we are bringing you only the best South Africa has to offer!

Given the success of the events over the last 3 years, Ray-Ban will be hosting its highly anticipated music event, ‘OneSight Acoustics’ soon for the first time in Johannesburg.

OneSight Acoustics is a music series brought to you by OneSight: a global public nonprofit organization which provides sustainable access to quality vision care and eye wear to those who cannot afford it or do not have access to it. Around the world, millions of people suffer from poor vision. An eye exam and a simple pair of glasses can help them reach their full potential.

For Over 27 years, OneSight South Africa has engaged thousands of skilled volunteers to hand-deliver the gift of sight to almost 9 million people in 40 countries.

Interview: Michael Lesar

[interview] Michael Lesar will be dropping some swing at One Sight Acoustics - 30th Oct-Photo Credit: Coert-Wiechers

MA:  Hi homie, how you doing?? Its rad to be chatting to you again!! 
A – Gooday sir!! I’m awesome thanks for having me!

MA: How have thing been for you in 2016?? Any amazing gigs, events or festivals that you have hosted or plated at that need a special mention?
A – 2016 has been awesome so far, its like each year just gets better, exciting times indeed. In February i did a month residency in Bahrain (mirai lounge) which was pretty awesome. I also played at the most amazing festival on a piece of paradise in the Algarve in Portugal 2 months back, called Arrifana Sunset Festival and then another art festival in Amsterdam. I also launched my new 1950s brand Lets Twist Again in collaboration with The Goodluck Bar which was a great success so amped for 2017 🙂

MA: Please give our readers a quick 101 on who Michael Lesar is, where you come from and how you have made music such a big part of your life?
A – I was born in Cape Town and grew up in Mitchell’s Plain on the Cape Flats. Music has always been a part of my life. I first started when I was 12 years old, dj’ing with cassettes and tape decks at friends birthday parties hehe. Years later my friends and I launched the ‘ Deep Heet Parteez ‘ which was a huge success from the start and immediately became one of the top events on the C.T house scene, which ran for 10 years. This is where everything started for me, it was the best platform ever, then about 7 years ago I moved to Johannesburg and immediately fell into the swing of things playing at events as the ‘Audio Villains ‘ and hosting a few nights here and there which eventually lead to me quitting my day job and going solo. I’ve never looked back since, i absolutely love this crazy city called Jozi!

MA: How would you describe your ’sound’ in 5 words?
A – Naughty, silly, fun, happy, shakeyourbum

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 
A – Wow what an exciting time at the moment for live music in South Africa, there are so many awesome quality bands across all genres this makes me so happy and proud to be South African. I actually wouldn’t change a thing we are setting our own trends with lots of international artists looking to us for inspiration #winning

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?
A – Way to many to mention – some of my favourites Bombshelter Beast, Greg Georgiades and the Ultra Natives, Ann Jangle, Napalma, also very excited about the launch of DJ Mlu’s ( metro fm ) new album dropping soon keep an eye out for that.

[win win win] Jack Daniels presents: OneSight Acoustics Jozi! - The Good Luck Bar

MA: You are playing at the OneSight Acoustics event at The Good Luck Bar on the 30th Oct… are you excited for this gig?? What can we expect from your set??
A – Yes extremely excited, not only is it at my favourite venue but the whole event is for a good cause, which makes me very happy to be able to give back. Expect a mixed bag of shake your ass Swing music for my set 😉
MA: Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?
A – Yes my electro swing band, Full Swing, is definitely worth a mention. We are in studio at the moment getting ready to release our e.p. I’m so very excited about this project, my band members are absolutely awesome keep an eye out for that one coming soon
MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?
A – My Facebook artist page – Michael Lesar.
Instagram – Michael Lesar
Twitter – @djmichaellesar
Soundcloud – Michael Lesar
Band artist page – Full Swing
** Photo Credit: Coert-Wiechers

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