[Interview] Michael G – Vinyl With Love coming at you this Sunday at Park Acoustics

[Interview] Michael G - Vinyl With Love coming at you this Sunday at Park AcousticsMichael G is one of the pioneers in the house music industry, with his passion very firmly rooted to vinyl. He has been in the business of music, making you dance and all things fresh for many years now, but he never ever changes who he is and what he believes in!! Vinyl is where DJ’s started and an art form that not many can master, especially all the new age, younger DJ’s, who know nothing about WAX. When you chat to this very talented but humble guy, you can immediately pick up on his passion and drive to keep vinyl alive and to help the industry for the better. We managed to have a short chat with Michael G ahead of his gig this Sunday at Park Acoustics – Cabin Fever Dance Floor, this is what he had to say:

Interview: MICHAEL G.

[Interview] Michael G - Vinyl With Love coming at you this Sunday at Park Acoustics

  • Hello Michael G, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you!!
Hey,  what’s up guys
  • Before we get started, pls tell us how you started out in music and how vinyl has always been a big part of your life
My music career started way back in the day when only vinyl and cassettes were used and available as a medium to play music.  I got influenced by it and then fell in love with the art of music through vinyl.
  • What are your thoughts of our local music scene, especially the house scene and how it grew in 2014?
Well,  with the modern era we now live in, modern technology has provided and help SA djs and producers to create and make the music they always dreamt of doing, which they could not do back in the day. So therefore now locally our house scene has grown and will keep growing, as more and more djs make there own songs .
  • Vinyl is a form of art, one that only long serving DJ’s will understand, not the kids coming through these days. What makes the art of playing wax so beautiful and really appreciated by all other vinyl DJ’s?
Vinyl will always be a form of art and entertainment because of it’s live element. Vinyl is seen as analogue, the sound is always warmer and felt on the dance floor. The reason why  kids of today do not  understand the vinyl set up  is because its very different to cds. With cd’s every sound has been compressed. A  CDJ (CD player) is all digital and does not have the same sound as a vinyl. A CDJ can be placed almost anywhere and you can play from it, but not with vinyl. With Vinyl you playing a record live on a turntable where everything is sensitive to feedback, and any bounce or bumps,  etc …  this will effect the needle playing the record to skip or skate across the record and will ruin the song and upset the dance floor. The set up has to be very solid and proper when you working with turntables.
  • What would you say the reasons are that vinyl has become so popular again? 
Many people say its a fashion thing, like it was gone but now its back in fashion. I think many people are fascinated by it cause they were not around back in the day of vinyl, and so its exciting for them to experienced this type of entertainment and to see how it was done back in the day and still is done today through artists like myself and many others.
  • You are headlining the CABIN FEVER FLOOR, at Park Acoustics, this month…are you excited about this gig? What can we expect from the set?
Im very excited about this gig simply because its my very first time to perform at a music festival in my very own home town Pretoria.  As usual my set will consist of some new, fresh exclusive deep house hits  mix with some old school dance floor classics –  favourites .
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  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about ?
Yes there is , I’m busy working on a couple of things and currently busy with my own EP which will be released later on in the year .
  • Where can we follow you on social media?


  • Thanks for your time, see you there buddy 😀 
Ok cool, Thank You. See you on the dance floor 🙂
Take a listen to one of Michael G’s VINYL WITH LOVE podcast mixes, which we showcased on our AppleTeazer earlier today: 

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