[interview] Mathew Gold – Smooth and Dreamy – Releases Self Titled Album

[interview] Mathew Gold - Smooth and Dreamy - Releases Self Titled Album

Mathew Gold’s smooth and dreamy vocal has been riding high on the South African airwaves over the past 4 years through a number of powerful hit collaborations. Starting off with SAMA record of the year nominated “Taking It Easy” with Goodluck in 2011 to the most recent smash hit “When We Were Young” with Breadklaw, Mathew Gold is no stranger to the limelight. Mathew’s other numerous hit collaborations include “No Ordinary Guy” with AKA and “Where Are You Going” with eclectic electro outfit, The Kiffness.

Blessed with an innate talent for entertaining, Gold couldn’t refute the pull he felt towards music as a young boy, especially having grown up in a musical family. After completing school, Mathew enrolled in the Waterfront Theatre School, where his talents for music and theatre become evident. What followed was a top 12 place in season five of South African Idols, a TV presenter role for SABC hit TV magazine show, Hectic Nine-9, and the lead role in a major commercial.

Releasing his debut album, The Rush, in 2013 Mathew featured the who’s who of producers in South Africa including Crazy White Boy, Justin Denobrega (Die Antword), AKA, Mr Sakitumi, Pascal and Pierce, David Jones and GoodLuck. “The album has less of a ‘sound’ direction and more of a ‘feel’, capturing more of the emotion in the story than in the selection of sound – we wanted to create music that spans multiple genres and because of that, also appeals to diverse audiences.”

[interview] Mathew Gold - Smooth and Dreamy - Releases Self Titled Album
Earlier this year saw the release of MATHEW GOLD’s self-titled second studio album. The album is Mathew’s first release in 4 years and comes after the release of his latest commercial single, MAGNETIC FIELD earlier this year.

The album is a culmination of 3 years of writing while working with numerous producers and co-writers. Recorded in 3 different studios across the country in the course of it’s creation, the album features nine local and four international producers who have lent their signature to the final product.

For this album, MATHEW found inspiration from his own life experiences. The songs come from a personal place – they were written about his girlfriend or through other significant stories from his past.

“I was never going to release another album unless I truly believed in what I have collectively created. I let the creative process do its thing. I eliminated the rules or formulas we already knew, so lyrically, vocally or even the BPM of the song never mattered. The only mission was to make great music. I have never been this vulnerable lyrically, but It allowed me to be able to create more freely and honestly.”

Mathew describes himself as very possessive over his music which allows him to be interested in every sound that gets added into any song. This album helped him understand when to let go of a song and love it for its simplicity. He decided to self-title the album because it reflects him musically and truthfully; a personal music diary of sorts. It represents who he is and who he was. It is the most perfect way to describe MATHEW GOLD.

“I believe I have always been versatile in making music or collaborating, but what makes this album so different is the freedom in which the music was made. It’s risky to be that open minded, but I had nothing to lose or at least it felt that way. It’s a collective of music I’ve never been prouder to call my own. My music can take you to many places. I would rather believe that I’ve taken more risks than wonder if I ever took enough.”

[interview] Mathew Gold - Smooth and Dreamy - Releases Self Titled Album

MATHEW GOLD Track Listing:

  1.     Lay Down
  2.     Never Mind
  3.     Holy Moment
  4.     All My Love
  5.     Easy Like Sunday
  6.     Feel the Love (feat. Alyx Ander)
  7.     Changes
  8.     Higher
  9.     Come Over
  10.     When We Were Young (Feat. Breakdlaw)
  11.     Magnetic Field
  12.     Burning Inferno
  13.     Why I Lie
  14.     I Stood Still

[interview] Mathew Gold - Smooth and Dreamy - Releases Self Titled Album

MA: Hey Mathew, how do you do? Great thank you. Its a huge pleasure to be chatting to you. Can we please get started with a short 101 on who Mathew Gold is?

A vocalist and song writer that never goes anywhere without his guitar.

MA: Where in SA are you from?

Born and raised in Cape Town.

MA: Where did you grow up?

I lived and grew up in Rawsonville (a farm 100km out of Cape Town) between 1999 – 2005. Special time in my life.

MA: How did music become a part of your life?

My dad played guitar and piano and soon my brother and I followed. I was 8 years old when I first picked up the guitar.

MA: Was music always an influence in your life growing up?

It was just around me, my family sang together in harmony and I thought this was the case for many families but I was wrong. Life at home was amazing. My parents collected some amazing music over the years.

MA: Was it a big part of your upbringing?

I never considered music as a full time career, I only started singing years later at the age of 16. My true dream was to play in the NBA.

MA: You broke onto the local scene in a huge way with the released of your debut album, The Rush, in 2013, which included some amazing collaborations. Was that album a stepping stone in your career?

100%! I was lucky to have worked and collaborated with some of the best artists and bands in the country very early in my career. I took that experience to truly find my sound.My self titled album is my first step in that direction.

[interview] Mathew Gold - Smooth and Dreamy - Releases Self Titled Album

MA: You have now just released your latest, self-titled, album. What can we expect from this offering?

A album that was 3 years in the making and produced 54 songs in the process. Lyrically the most honest iv been and some of the best production iv ever been apart of.

MA: Are there any notable collaborations on this album that you wish to talk about?

This album was all about the producers. Bubele Booi, Shen FM, DJ Deemo, Sketchy Bongo, Lastee, Tellerman & break D Law are just a few names who had a hand in this project. I am so humbled by everyones efforts to making this the album it is today.

MA: Where can people get a copy of your latest album?

iTunes, Apple music or at your local Musica.

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment?

Im invested in the quality of music we are currently producing and I believe we deserve more international recognition that we are currently receiving. Im loving the rise in interest in local RnB and vocal RnB.

MA: Where do we follow you on social media?  

@Mathewgoldmusic on Facebook , Twitter & Instagram.

Photo Credits: Canton Parker

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