[interview] Mary Jane – Catch this dope duo at Trio Nova: Gardens Of House

Mary-Jane--Photo-credit-Nicole-PerrieraMary Jane is a deep house duo from Johannesburg, made up of two talented gents by the names of Jody Schaper and Michael Edwards. Meeting many years ago through association but only becoming brother whilst studying at Soul Candi Records, where they did their course together. It was actually there that they decided it a good idea to team up to form Mary Jane, as they had very similar and complimentary tastes in music and style that they played in. We have been friends with these guys ever since Mixed Apples was born, seeing them as two guys doing their thing and doing it with passion, very similar to us. They have played before at a few of our Mixed Apples events but never at Trio Nova. This is all changing though, as they will be part of a very solid line-up for the next Trio Nova: GARDENS OF HOUSE, taking place on the 1st November. We had a chat with Jody and Mike, who seem to be very excited to be playing Trio Nova, as it is one of the biggest deep house productions in country at the moment. Check what they have to say:



  • Hey there, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you again!!

MJ – Hey Trio Nova/Mixed Apples, we great and its always a pleasure to be here with you guys too.

  • Before we get started and for those who have never heard of MARY JANE, do you mind introducing yourself, telling us where you are from and giving us a short background on how you got started in music?

MJ – Well we are a duo made up of Michael Edwards and Jody Schaper. We are JHB based DJs hailing from the soul candi institute of music. We got started in music purely for the love of deep house .Our aim when we DJ is to share our love and passion for the music and express all our feelings through each set building positive energy.

  • How would you describe your style of music?

MJ – We are deep house DJs but to say that’s all we play would be a lie because if a song is good it needs to be shared, we have a mixed style and flow so a typical set of ours will contain lots of different elements with some good vocals. We’ll drop a classic in a different way and then add a recognizable vocal and it presents itself differently.

  • What have been your biggest challenges in getting to where you are at the moment? 

MJ – I think the competition is a huge hurdle to overcome because these days everyone is looking for the cheapest option but they need to understand that you pay monkeys with peanuts, plus the industry is very clicky but I think once people see you all about the music and not into the politics then they get you more. The most frustrating thing is its not always about the music. 


  • Our local deep house music scene has been growing in such a big way lately, what do you think are the positives at the moment and the reasons for the massive new appreciation for deep house in SA?? 

MJ – I think it is a trend and people are following what is seen to be ‘cool’ but I also think the talent out there in the deep house scene is unbelievable and they are setting the bar really high and maybe that’s why its getting the recognition it deserves. People that feel real music connect to deep house, its not like this other crap with cheap vocals and lots of dead noise.

  • Can you give us a few of your highlights of 2014?

MJ – H2O is a huge achievement for us and its been a goal to play there through out our whole career , getting to play along side some of the guys we used to watch and follow everywhere, its always great to be apart of the energy on that day. Our intro at H2O was a goosebump moment. We will never forget it.

  • What track/Album are you pumping in your car these days?

Mike – Tjard – Africans Want To Be Free (Original Mix)    and Sharam Jey & Jon Sine feat. Frankie Balou – Connections (Original Mix) These songs could be on repeat and I wouldn’t mind J

Jody – Pablo Nouvelle – Invading my mind , Karma Kid – In my arms (Maths Joy Remix) – Expect some of this at Trio Nova , Its typical Mary Jane style.  

TRIO NOVA Presents: GARDENS OF HOUSE - 1st November - Mokha Restaurant, Pretoria Botanical Gardens

Event Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/856515607714272/

  • You are one of the acts playing at the Trio Nova presents: GARDENS OF HOUSE on the 1st November… Are you excited for this and what can we expect from your set?

MJ – WOW, yes we are beyond excited and to play right before Household funk who are good friends of ours is always a pleasure. Expect lots of energy and a good flow and mix of vocals and elements of deep house that will leave you wanting more.

  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

MJ – We are always working to better ourselves, we have a few really special gigs coming up in November plus we have an ultimix on 5 fm happening end of Novemeber, I don’t know if you saw all our merchandise we had at h2O but it was really exciting putting it all together and giving it out so we def gonna keep working on the fashion side of Mary Jane aswell. We have caps, t shirts and sunglasses out there and the response has been massive, we looking for a designer to work with going forward so watch this space.

  • Where can we follow you on social media?

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MaryJaneDJs

Twitter – https://twitter.com/MaryJane_DJ

Mixcloud – http://www.mixcloud.com/MaryJane_DJ/

PHOTO CREDITS: Nicole Perriera

Mary Jane – Wicked View by Maryjane_Dj on Mixcloud


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