[interview] MARC YOUNG – Talent young man with a very bright future! Catch him at Trio Nova UNPLUGGED

[interview] MARC YOUNG - Talent young man with a very bright future! Catch him at Trio Nova UNPLUGGEDGood morning world… we introduce you to the talented young DJ from Pretoria, MARC YOUNG, who will be back at Trio Nova this Sunday to drop some sexy beats and make you dance…


Young, courageous, humble, Teen DJ in the Music industry.

Marc young is a first Year Events Management Student and entrepreneur by day, and a very enthusiastic DJ/Performer by night.

Marc Young is a young and versatile DJ who, really followed up with his dream, to get him where he is today and is climbing ever so fast. With experience he has gained, he uses and modifies the work he does, and with his own unique skill sets he’s acquired over his short years of playing he is able to change what others can’t.

With the mixes and Live performances he produces, he expects nothing in return except the love for HOUSE, and the smiles on peoples faces, being able to create a sense of extreme happiness in the amount of time he is given to do so.

Through his love and passion for music Marc Young has climbed to a point he dreamed about and is climbing ever so fast. HOUSE is what he loves.

Marc is the SOUL CANDI OLMECA SESSIONS DJ competitions winner for 2014.

Interview: MARC YOUNG

[interview] MARC YOUNG - Talent young man with a very bright future! Catch him at Trio Nova UNPLUGGED

  • Hello Marc, how you guys doing? It’s a pleasure to be chatting to you!!

Hey Guys 😀 I’m always great thanks. Hope you all are well.

  • Before we get started, do you mind giving us a bit of background on how/where you got started in music?

My Dad. He introduced me to Jazz back when I was growing up. To this day I thank him for doing so because it’s allowed to me appreciate GOOD music. Music and DJing became serious when I came second in a DJ competition. Although not winning, the feeling I got from people smiling, dancing and enjoying themselves motivated me to continue playing. I do my best when I perform to give the crowd a feeling of emotion they won’t have anywhere else and an experience they won’t forget. Music is all around us. I just took the genre which gave me and all the feelings music should give you and decided to share it with everyone else : )

  • What were your biggest influences growing up and deciding that music needs to be a part of your life?

Nkosinathi Maphumulo, commonly known as Black Coffee. What he has and is doing for the music industry in South Africa and abroad, inspired me so much to one day have the same influence on people as well, not exactly like him, because we all have different ways of influencing people around us.

  • How would you describe your “sound”, or style of music?

Energetic, vocal, fat basslines and uplifting.

  • 2014 was quite a busy year in general for the SA music scene, especially the house scene… What were some of your favorite moments from last year?

Very true, it was a HUGE year for everyone. My favorite moments were not events, but seeing my closest friends succeed in getting signed to record labels from all over the world. Big credit to Master Simz, Llewelyn Lundall, L.A Cruz and others on what they are doing to put South Africa on the World map !!

[interview] MARC YOUNG - Talent young man with a very bright future! Catch him at Trio Nova UNPLUGGED [interview] MARC YOUNG - Talent young man with a very bright future! Catch him at Trio Nova UNPLUGGED

  • What are your thoughts of our local music scene currently & where do you think it can still improve?

I think it’s only been getting discovered recently in a BIG way through HOUSE music becoming known as “Commercial”. It actually is awsem I think, because in a way our local artists can now show the world what they have been doing and working on “Underground” and thus people also getting introduced to the word and genre “Underground” or “Exclusive” music.

The one and most important thing in our local scene is not to focus on the making of music for the money but instead for the passion of it, because what ends up happening, is that we make the market, worldwide and locally used to one type of sound (a lot of kicks, basslines, and melodies etc.) to an extent they can’t hear the difference.

  • Any amazing new artists hit the scene that you think needs a special mention?


Two personal friends of mine, namely Dineo “Master Simz” with his recent release being a remix of Star73’s track called “Living in a Dream” and Llewelyn Lundall with multiple remixes and originals with rolling basslines, and unique “wobbles” tailored to his sound. So stay tuned for those. 😉

  • You guys will be rocking PTA at Trio Nova: UNPLUGGED again this Sunday, 26th April…. Are you excited to be coming to Pretoria for this one and what can we expect from your set?

OFCOURSE I am!!. I’m always excited to be called back : )

What you can expect from me is… Well, you’ll have to come and see for yourself 😉 Only keep one thing in mind and that is “DEEP”

Trio Nova presents: UNPLUGGED

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1419736288329954/

  • Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

Hmmm. Well not at the moment but, in the future I do plan on doing something to include a lot of MY own influences I grew up with.

  • Where can we follow you on social media?

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/its-marc-young (Its Marc Young)
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/MarcYoungOfficial/ (Marc Young Official)
Twitter: @RealMarcYoung
Instagram: itsmarcyoung
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marc-Young-Music/177730538962634 (Marc Young Music)

  • Thanks for your time, see you in PTA this weekend 😀 

Thanks guys !!!! Looking forward to it 😀

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