[interview] Majozi – Singer/Songwriter – Catch him at Liefde By Die Dam this weekend

[interview] Majozi - Singer/Songwriter - Catch him at Liefde By Die Dam this weekend_Credit Marlon Du Plooy

Majozi is a proudly South African musician who has recently emerged onto the scene from the coastal city of Durban. At the age of thirteen, he started to teach himself guitar, which eventually led to him studying a foundation course in jazz and popular music at the University of KwaZulu Natal. He describes his music as being Indie-folk with subtle influences of electro and attributes his faith as one of his musical inspirations.

In 2013, he released his first EP, Marvelous Light, which was recorded and produced by Warren Meyer of Doppler Studios. The album made it to no.9 overall on the South African iTunes chart and no.1 in the singer/songwriter category. Following the online success and popularity of the EP, his single, The River, was play-listed on 5FM, Kfm and other radio stations across the country. The infectious beat and meaningful lyrics have fans singing along with gusto at all the gigs he has been landing.

Over the past year, Majozi has been steadily climbing the South African music ladder, getting the opportunity to open for Matthew Mole, Gangs of Ballet, Zebra and Giraffe, Mango Groove, Matthew Mole and international artist, Yoav.

This Sunday you can catch him playing alongside some of SA best musicians at Liefde By Die Dam! We caught up with him for a short chat, this is what he had to say:

Interview: Majozi

[interview] Majozi - Singer/Songwriter - Catch him at Liefde By Die Dam this weekend_Credit Marlon Du Plooy

  • Good Day MAJOZI… How you doing today good sir?

I am so well thanks and you?

  • Before we get started, can you please give us the quick 101 on who MAJOZI the is, as well as where in SA are you from?

I’m that guy that sings “You can call me babe and I’ll call you Darling”. I love God, people and music. I’m from Durbz, but I’ve been living in Cape Town for the past two years.

  • Next.. Has music been a big part of your life growing us as a kid?

I didn’t come from a musical family but there’s was always music being played around the house and I liked singing from a young age, but my passion for music really developed when I started learning guitar at 13.

  • What/Who are some of your musical inspirations?

I have a lot. They range from acts like The Lumineers all the way to Kanye West .

  • You have come off a very successful past couple of years… what have been some of your highlights?

Just been able to make a living if what I love is really awesome to me, but I’d have to say opening for The Lumineers on their first SA tour is my biggest highlight. It was a special time.

  • Our local scene has been growing positively over the past few years… What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 

The local seen has grown a lot which is real awesome. There’s a lot more quality music than before and bands/artists are getting smarter and there’s more competition which is greater because we all push each other to do better which means better music for the fans to listen to. There’s still a lot we need to learn in terms of the big picture stuff like management etc and venues across the country can be hard to find, but otherwise I think we are on the rise.

  • Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Opposite The Other, are destined for greatness. Look out for them. Easy Freak are another one to look out for, as well as Josh Wantie and Dominic Neil. All these guys have something special and unique to offer.

[competition] LIEFDE BY DIE DAM - Sunday 9th August - Emmarentia Dam

  • You will be performing at this years Liefde By Die Dam… Are you excited for this event? What can we expect from your show?

So excited !! Last year was such a jol. I’m really honored to be playing again this year.  My live set has got better since then. So I’m excited to flesh out some new ideas possibly.

  • Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

Been working hard writing songs for the past year or so and I’ll be in studio soon. I really want this next album to be special and blow everyone away. That’s I’ll I’m gonna say for now.

  • Where can we follow you on Social media?


*** Photo Credits: Marlon Du Plooy

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