[Interview] MAJESTY (CPT) – Two legends coming together to make your face melt!!

[Interview] MAJESTY (CPT) - Two legends coming together to make your face melt!!

MAJESTY is the love child of two SA music Legends. Ebenhaezer Smal ( Haezer ) & Mark Stevens (Niskerone) best friends with two different  styles of music that contributes to the uniqueness that is Majesty, playing bass music that is just full and heavy in the face. Nothing can explain more than coming to see these geniuses as they show a whole new musical side to themselves and give you one of the best live shows you’ll ever see.

Catch them at Arcade Empire on Friday 26th June, at yet another epic WE ARE ANIMALS event!!!

Interview: MAJESTY:


MA: Hi guys… it is such a pleasure to be chatting to you guys!! 

Thanks for the interview…. the pleasures ours.

MA: Can you please give us the background on who Majesty is? How you guys met up to form this duo and where in South Africa do you come from?

I’m from Cape Town. We know each other through DJ’ing. We get booked together on the same bill quite often and just over the years became good friends.

I’m from CT too, same story 🙂 

MA: What are your influences and inspirations to forming this act?

It’s an outlet for us both to play music we love, but that doesn’t fit into our solo acts as HAEZER and NISKERONE. We both have a unhealthy obsession with bass and we just dig to get together and find new music and Majesty is just that. Us playing out party music we dig. We don’t take it too serious. It’s all about having fun and if Mark feels like throwing down a soul number with a good vibe i’m down with that and if I have a whack disco track i’ve always wanted to play, Mark is down with that.

Even so, we do like to test our audience, by giving them something new. 


MA: Our local scene has been growing positively over the past few years… What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently?

Yeah, the local scene is killing it. Cape Town needs to get off it’s ass though (haha), Joburg is where it’s at right now. So many new producers absolutely minting out killer tunes at the moment.

Only thing i’d change is the nightlife. Promoters need to move away from niche nights and make the line-ups diverse. that way a party will last longer and the crowd doesn’t get bored with the same djs playing the same parties over and over.  Some promoters have started doing this and I can’t help but notice the energy at those parties always being super high.
MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Chee, vox portent, Icarus and Rain, Leechi’s new shit, Le Prezident, Fever Trails, Muzi, Watermark High, Dj Caviar and all the usual suspects still bringing it like Sibot,Das,Narch…the list goes on.
MA: You guys are coming up to Pretoria for the WE ARE ANIMALS event at Arcade Empire on the 26th June…. Are you guys excited to be playing this gig? What can we expect from MAJESTY on the day?
Bass. lots of it.

And a lot of surprises, we spend a good deal of time curating music for Majesty sets

[Interview] MAJESTY (CPT) - Two legends coming together to make your face melt!!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1627551670796856/

MA: Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

We’re trying something new with the setup. playing off 3 cdj’s, two mixers and two laptops to make it a little bit more live.

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?
nowhere. we’re everywhere. 

MA: Lastly, any chance the two of you will be working on on your own tracks as Majesty??

We’re both super busy as Niskerone and HAEZER, but I’m working on some re-edits and re-rubs specifically for the Majesty set.

MA: Thanks for your time guys…!!

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