[interview] Keren Onay – Doing amazing work in JHB, like Sunday Funk and Skyline Session, now ready to rock PTA baby!!!

[interview] Keren Onay - Doing amazing work in JHB, like Sunday Funk and Skyline Session, now ready to rock PTA baby!!!

Keren Onay is a man on a mission, that mission is to bring the sickest deep house parties to JHB. You can find his work through the very successful productions of Sunday Funk and Skyline Session, as well as his amazing skills on the wheels of steel, at every major house event in and around Jozi. He will be bringing that same form and passion to Pretoria this weekend, where he will be jamming at the WHAT THE F#%K, ITS DEEP HOUSE event at Arcade Empire this Friday, 7th November. We caught up with Keren to discuss his musical journey and his excitement of playing in P-Town…check it out:


[interview] Keren Onay - Doing amazing work in JHB, like Sunday Funk and Skyline Session, now ready to rock PTA baby!!!

MA: Hey Keren, how you doing bro? Its awesome to be chatting to you again!!

Yeah man it’s been a while… looks like you are doing great things in Pretoria 🙂
MA: Do you mind giving us a short 101 on who Keren Onay is and how you got started out in music?
It all started about 16 years ago. I started recording the radio shows on 5fm and Yfm on to cassette tapes. Back then there was very limited shows on the radio based on electronic music in South Africa. I followed people like DJ Fresh and Roger good from a very young age. LOL. I would use a double tape deck and try to mix the music together. I then discovered that i couldn’t pitch the music on cassette tapes as it was recorded at one speed. From there i moved on to a pair of turntables. These were hifi turntables with little roller pitch on the side. That is essentially how i started mixing music and using the pitch to beat match. From there my love for music and electronic music grew even further. I taught myself to mix properly it was only a matter of time before I was mixing on Technics SL1200s and cdjs and so on on so fourth.
MA: How would you describe your style of music?
Right now there is so much of the same music being played all over. The “Deep House” that everyone is playing is actually not real deep house. I have always gone against the grain so right now i am playing a mix of techno and electronica. It’s a sound that is followed immensely overseas and very few artists are playing it over here.

MA: You have been in the industry for many years, with some very successful and exciting productions you are involved in. How have you seen the industry growing over say the last 5 years? Has deep house become more “main stream”, or is it just that people are finally accepting this genre as a positive movement in SA?

“deep House” has become very mainstream. Its not a bad thing though. People are following a genre or sound and its good for the scene in SA. Even the EDM crap that is going around in SA is good for the scene because its only a matter of time before these kids realise what good music is out there and start to experiment with different sounds to the norm. Essentially what i am saying is all music is good music at the end of the day as its a personal journey that one must experience to get to a place of musical knowledge and experience and to pass that on to the younger generations and to make them see what else is out there 🙂

[interview] Keren Onay - Doing amazing work in JHB, like Sunday Funk and Skyline Session, now ready to rock PTA baby!!!
MA: Are there any people you wish to mention, who are doing great things for the deep house scene in South Africa?
There are a lot of peeps doing good things. It’s so hard to mention all of them so what i would like to do is say this… Everyone should work together to create a better scene in SA. People that collaborate and that have more acceptance for their peers are the ones that are going to grow and make a change 🙂
MA: Can you give us a few of your highlights of 2014?
My biggest highlights of this year … well there are so many. I guess for me it was watching my Brand Sunday Funk grow in to what it is today. Almost 3 years later, years of hard work started to pay off and i am excited to see what the future holds for Funk. Also the collaboration with One Productions and the beginning of some new brands such as Deep In The Sky and Sunday Skyline sessions. I would have to also say opening for extremely admirable International acts that have visited Truth in Jozi recently. Those would have to be highlights for me.

MA: What is you hottest track at the moment?

WOW… It is so difficult so say. I can’t narrow it down to a certain track. I would have to give kudos to the Innervisions label … another whole sound is born 😉

MA: You are one of the acts playing at the WHAT THE F%#K ITS DEEP HOUSE party at Arcade Empire on the 7th November… Are you excited to be playing this gig in Pretoria and what can we expect from your set?

I am really excited! It is my first time playing at one of these events and i have been watching them closely. Again i don’t want to play the same set everyone else might play, I will have to judge the crowd but i would like to experiment on the PTA crew and see if they are ready for the new sounds and styles that are happening overseas at the moment.

MA: Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

Of course i would have to mention Sunday Funk at OCD in Sunninghill every Sunday. This is my baby. My love. Then added to that, we are hosting SundaySkylineSessions Next Sunday at Randlords with the One Productions crew. We have some HUGE things planned for December as well but i can’t give you all that info just yet… Keep it locked 😀

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?

MA: If you could bring over any international artist in the world at the moment, who would that be?
Dixon or Dave DK

MA: Thank you so much for your time, see you at Arcade Empire my friend…

So keen brother!!! See you on Friday 🙂

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