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Revolution is a chaotic and unbalanced affair. It challenges the state of things and, for those who revolt against the status quo, it bears both great risk and reward. These truths are as vital in art as they are in any other realm and it is within these redefining forces that Australian hard-rock architects, Karnivool thrive. With their acclaimed 2005 debut, ‘Themata‘ and 2009’s ground breaking follow-up, ‘Sound Awake’, Karnivool established themselves as one of the most vital forces in progressive modern music.

Karnivool belied expectation again with their third album, ‘Asymmetry‘ in 2013. This brazen, introspective and expansive work was designed in the band’s Perth studio over two years and recorded with legendary producer Nick DiDia (Rage Against The Machine, Mastodon).

Karnivool have toured extensively in Australia and worldwide, making appearances at Sonisphere (UK), Rock AM Ring/Rock IM Park (Germany), and Download Festival to name a few.


We had the opportunity to chat to these heavyweights from Down-Under ahead of their debut appearance in SA, This is how it went down;

MA: Hi Guys, Thanks for your time. Please could you introduce your band to our readers?

Hello. We are karnivool.

MA: With almost 20 years under your belt as a band, you have surely seen a lot of things come and go in your industry, what would you say the current state of the Metal / Progressive Rock industry is?

Alive and well. Bands are constantly finding new ground and things seem to be getting heavier! Check out a band called Lo! and their song Orca.

MA: In this day and age, do you feel that an online presence is important for fans and critics alike to discover you and your music?

Yes of course. There’s no better way to reach people or hang shit on something or someone.

MA: Complete the sentence: Karnivool sounds a bit like……

Amazing bacon and Velcro.

MA: With that being said, where do you guys look for inspiration when writing new music?

I guess we look inwards. We bounce ideas off each other till something sticks. Always trying to expose or unearth something new. Something different.

MA: South Africa is very excited to see you guys perform, are you guys excited to see South Africa and what are you looking forward to the most?

Exited to visit SA. It’s something we’ve all been looking forward to. Very keen to play to the SA crowds.

MA: What would you say has been the single most memorable moment as Karnivool?

Once, between everyone on the bus, during a European tour 37 bottles of jägermister were consumed.

MA: Lastly, What was the thought process behind naming your band Karnivool?

There wasn’t one 🙂

South African Tour Dates:

Friday, 22nd April 2016: Mercury Live, Cape Town

Saturday, 23rd April 2016: The Bassline, Johannesburg

Tickets are on sale nationwide through www.computicket.com , as well as at Computicket outlets and Checkers stores.

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